What Types Of Businesses Actually Use Private Jets Most Frequently To Travel

When we think of private jets, we imagine businessmen, superstars, government officials and industrialists. Private jets certainly are a symbol of luxury and grandeur.

Private jet travel

But for many businesses it is more of a necessity than you can imagine. Do you know what kind of businesses use private jets most frequently? The business and finance industry might be your top bet, and you are not too far off. Read on to find out more about these businesses.

1. Small Businesses

In 2018, The National Business Aviation Association which promotes the use of private jet charters carried out an analytical report that looked into the types of businesses that use private jets to travel and found that companies with over 500 employees accounted for over 70% of American private flights for businesses.…

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Business Travel Just Got Luxurious

Want to do your business travel with a private jet? Today, you can do so without the premium price tag.  Read on to find out more what flying privately can offer you and your business.

Private jet for business travel

More and more CEOs are buying back time by flying privately, and not paying the price tag usually associated with a private jet. They’re cutting out the hassle and stress that often comes with travelling commercially, but not paying prices reserved for the rich and famous.

Private Jets Going Cheap

Even for those of us for whom private jets are a little way off – there’s no denying the luxury of it all.…

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