Business Travel Just Got Luxurious

Want to do your business travel with a private jet? Today, you can do so without the premium price tag.  Read on to find out more what flying privately can offer you and your business.

Private jet for business travel

More and more CEOs are buying back time by flying privately, and not paying the price tag usually associated with a private jet. They’re cutting out the hassle and stress that often comes with travelling commercially, but not paying prices reserved for the rich and famous.

Private Jets Going Cheap

Even for those of us for whom private jets are a little way off – there’s no denying the luxury of it all. Quiet terminals, no long waits, reliable and timely departures, lots of space and attentive service are all just dreams for even the business traveller. It’s hard to imagine it without a hefty price tag attached too. Traditionally, to enjoy this sort of service, you either had to charter your own aircraft using a broker, or invest in a fractional ownership plan.

However, with offerings from companies like VistaJet, you don’t need to invest any capital, you simply pay for the hours you fly, and can give as little as 24 hours’ notice to fly. This makes it possible for those who might ordinarily fly business premium to fly privately for the same sort of price.

Some start up private jet companies are reducing costs even further by allowing travellers to book single seats, rather than the whole plane. This makes it affordable even for people who aren’t among the uber rich and famous.

Others are offering an “all-you-can-fly” memberships within a specific region. For instance, you pay a flat fee for the month, and you get access to a fleet of planes that are chartered to fly to certain places at fixed departure times, and you get a guaranteed seat. Mostly aimed at business travellers, some private jet companies are even offering guest passes, leisure destinations and discounts for families.

Comparison Site

The market is getting even more competitive with the launch of PrivateFly, a private flight comparison site. Customers can save up to 30% on costs and find the cheapest deal in the market for private jet hire. There are over two and a half thousand private jets for hire in Europe alone, making it impossible for one person to compare them all.

Some are even arguing that flying by private jet might be cheaper than a normal flight. It depends on where and when you’re going, of course, but you may be able to bag a seat last minute with up to 75% off if you look for empty leg flights.


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