Innovation and Entrepreneurship – Hope for Our Future

My daughters middle-school 6th grade recently held an innovation fair. Each student had 3 weeks to invent a product. They received guidance on how to find an idea, build a prototype and present to potential investors.

At the fair each adult (parent) had $25 to invest $5 each for five different product ideas. In total about 250 students participated.

The event was great and there were some great product ideas presented. Many of the kids were dressed in business attire, had a presentation ready and were even able to demonstrate a working prototype.

Here are some of the ideas:

This is my daughter Liz. She had the idea for an automatic hair detangler brush. She worked hard on the prototype and her presentation and did a great job. She is very competitive and really wanted to win the contest. (That meant many trips for last minute supplies)

Here is another great idea, a lighted toilet seat, great for those trips to the bathroom in the night when you don’t want to turn on the light or to help us guys improve our aim.

Here is an idea I would have bought on the spot, a dog brush with a vacuum attachment. I have two dogs and they generate bushels of shedded fur regularly. Some vacuum cleaner company should take this idea and run with it.

Another great idea, a telephone-smoke detector combination device that in a worse case scenario can be powered by the phone line voltage if necessary. This seems so simple when you think about it but I have never seen such a device.

There were literally hundreds of similar great and innovative ideas in one middle-school in Ohio. The kids were excited to have a chance to participate. There are many, many bright kids, with great ideas that had a chance to be empowered to create and sell.

My congratulations to the kids and Clagget school for conducting such an event.


7 Comments Innovation and Entrepreneurship – Hope for Our Future

  1. Amanda

    That’s so great to see young creative minds. I would buy the dog brush vacuum too! I am constantly chasing fur tumble weeds across the hardwood floors.

  2. Staci

    Steve, I love this post! Isn’t it amazing what some creative support can generate? That phone with the smoke detector is impressive. And boy could I use that hair detangler brush of your daughters! She’s beautiful and sounds like she’s already well on her way to success.

  3. EJMalyn

    Not only am I very impressed with Liz’s product ideas, but the fact that she had only three weeks to come up with these inventions is truly very impressive. You should be very proud. My hat off to all the kids and Clagget school.

  4. Brian

    Great practical inventions! This must be the Rucinski ambitions being manifested in the next generation.


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