Google Chrome Browser Coming To A Computer Near You

chromologo.jpgGoogle has announced that the launch of their new  web browser is just around the corner!   Google Chrome will be released later today in over 100 countries, according to Google’s Official Blog.   This new web browser is said to be  fast and handles today’s web applications much better.    

The Google Chrome browser will have a homepage of nine shortcut thumbnails with your most recent search history and tabs.   The tabs themselves are multi-threaded with no communication or interference from other tabs or other applications.   Each application opens in it’s own window.  

Another great feature  will be obvious when you open a new tab.   You no longer  get a blank tab.    Google Chrome will automatically open their dynamically created page which includes your most  visited pages, a list of tabs you have recently closed and access to your own bookmarks.   I am excited about this time saving feature the most.  

Only time will tell if  Google Chrome  will  change the way we browse the web.   But for me,  the  idea of a more secure operation with faster browsing  and fewer crashes  is too good to pass up.  



8 Comments Google Chrome Browser Coming To A Computer Near You

  1. Mary Grace Ignacio

    Hi. I also have tried Google Chrome and the speed is noticeably faster than other browsers can. I’m just wondering about the thumbnails if there’s any way I can set default websites to show up in the thumbnails. I have not read all the specifications of this website. Still have to explore more.

  2. Amanda

    Mary Grace, I’m with you on this one. I too wish that the thumbnails could be set to specific favorite sites. From what I’ve read, I don’t think that’s possible…..yet. Otherwise, I do like it. It’s fast and it makes my surfing easier.


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