Analyzing The Business Boom To Save Money

saving money in your businessSmall businesses know that there is a number of ins and outs of getting started. The first rule, get to know the C.P.A., and perhaps have a attorney who will look over contracts as needed, but the next rule, generating business, needs to be continuously developed.

The economic downturn has been burdensome and congested for small businesses to thrive. The sturdy foundation of creativity and ingenuity for the United States comes from the birth of small businesses; however, the future for small businesses comes down to money. That brings us to how, and what small businesses can do to survive and thrive; thus, continuing to be able to hire and expand. In order to bring more small businesses back, the first concept is to learn from past small businesses. While not all past creativity will work, it is not hard to consider adopting a concept, and making them a green small business solution.

Office/Business Hours

Small businesses have a little overlooked luxury that is not used when launching, blossoming, and continuing to grow.   The luxury is when to provide service to the masses.   The economic downturn still sees small businesses remaining open, just as long as the larger entities, with the exception of twenty-four hour businesses.   This is a cumbersome effort of competition that will not continue to be successful.   The general knowledge of past small businesses was to provide services during the peak times, or rather for the niche of the market.

Let’s say, for this example, that the business is a well-known restaurant best for serving breakfast.   This is the busiest time of the day with crowds overrunning out the front door.   The cooks are in the back serving it up, and the waiters/waitress are going to and fro.   This is good business, but the entire staff knows that once 1 PM to 2 PM comes, business will be slow to nonexistent. Not only that, but dinner time is sure to be the same; slow to nonexistent.   What is the typical response? Most businesses would stay open for that just in case surge, though it is historically known when the most money is generated.   In today’s market, this is counterproductive.   The goal is to make money with a small business, not waste money.

The small businesses should always have specific operation hours, after analyzing when the small business makes the most money.   Individuals on the way to an office at 7 AM, to 9 AM, usually are not eager to stop off, unless it is for breakfast; same with the evening starting around 4:30 PM, to about 6:30 PM (in most areas).   This is all a part of analyzing the market constantly – your small business market.   This analysis could easily translate to when the small business should be closed for a day (or two) to save money and become more green.   Just remember to post the hours of operation large enough to be read, or have flyers to put into the customers bags.

How Does This Old Concept Make It A Green Small Business Solution?

The news has been stating to all individuals and businesses, that the energy usage prices are going to rise (more) this season. The combination of observing and recognizing that a small business is not identified, nor able to compete with the large entities, and being a small business will save a lot of money.

Depending on the location of the small business, and if there is effective communication within the small business community, work together to analyze further peak operation times. Communication with other small businesses (perhaps even some staff) is a whole other article though for a later time.

Two Issues To Briefly Address

1. The vast majority of individuals will make it a point to be at the small business location when it is open.   This is especially true if a small business is open on a Saturday. The most common shopping therapy is shopping together, or hanging out.

2.   Consider reviewing the lease agreement just to make sure this does not breach the lease. It is a case by case issue for small business owners to address.

Rachel Breet RichmondAbout The Guest Author: Rachel “Breet” Richmond is a freelance writer residing in Richmond, VA. She is the author of “The Breet Report“ and a contributor to the newly revamped Technorati website. Her experience includes the different aspects of collections. Her interests are in the environment, news items of the day, and researching new/different topics.


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