Business Leader vs. Thought Leader, Can You Be Both?

thought leadership vs business leadershipSome people think that it is easy being the CEO of a certain company. They think it’s all about delegating tasks to your employees. And since you’re “the boss” you could pretty much do nothing except point out employees’ mistakes and get an occasional headache when the numbers don’t add up. Those in the business of leadership, know better.

It’s not just about assigning tasks to someone and then kicking off your shoes to place your feet on your desk all day, waiting for employees to deliver. It is about thinking of ways to sustain the value of your business. It is about handling complex issues, synergism and finding new ways to develop opportunities.

Being a business leader is different from being a thought leader. Learning how to be both can be a boon for your business.

A Thought Leader

A thought leader is said to be someone who has innovative ideas. In small business, this goes a long way to be ahead of the game. I have just read an Infusionsoft blog article, 8 Ways to be a Thought Leader and their tips on how to launch thought leadership strategy are right on the money. Thought leadership is not just a whim that you take a fancy on.

It requires commitment and passion, just two of the many characteristics thought leaders should possess. A thought leader is an expert in their field and has a unique point of view. A natural motivator and consequently, cannot wait to share information especially if they know it would help their peers. Thought leaders have a long-term vision which is deeply rooted in the way they lead.

A Business Leader

This is a person who is a corporate executive, a CEO. One who has the critical responsibility to direct a successful operation of a company. To quote Peter Drucker, “Leadership is not rank, it is responsibility”. A business leader is focused on their goals and committed in following things through. You would need to be courageous, optimistic and goal-oriented.

One of the obvious similarities between a thought leader and a business leader is that they both keep going despite setbacks. To be a CEO, who is also a thought leader, you would need to lead with both your mind and your heart.

It is possible to be both, but it is not easy. You might already be a CEO but it takes more effort to be considered a thought leader. Leadership usually stems from within and it is up to you on whether you want to take your leadership potential to the next level or not.


3 Comments Business Leader vs. Thought Leader, Can You Be Both?

  1. Cheryl Ellemberg

    Great points about Thought leaders and Business leaders. I do believe it is possible to be both but you are right, it’s not easy. “Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.” is what John D. Rockefeller once said.
    Thanks for your post!


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