5 Ways To Be A Social Media Authority

Social media is an all – important avenue for all business types since business owners realize its worth. When it was a new trend, not many people thought that it was going to live up to its hype in the world of business but just look at how it evolved from connecting old friends to connecting business contacts.

5 Ways To Be A Social Media Authority

One could not count on their fingers how many gurus, specialists and trend setters there are in the world of social media. So what makes them believable? Why is it that more people take their word rather than anyone else’s? It’s because they have established themselves as the authority in their own niche.

Social media is all about interaction and it would help you to create and build authority. Being an active member of a certain social networking site does not make you an expert or an authority figure overnight. It would take time for you to build credibility. People all over the world generally recognize and respect authority figures.

However, there’s a need for exposure. You cannot claim to be an expert in a certain field if you just popped out one morning on any social networking site. You have got to earn the respect and trust of the people you want to reach out to. Your followers and friends should have a basis that you know something they don’t know about topics they care about.

Here are some tips to get you started:

1.   Create a profile that emphasizes your area of expertise. You are trying to connect to like-minded individuals such as yourself and it is important that they at least have an idea who you are and what you do.

2.   Build a number of quality followers. It is true that the more people follow you, the more exposure you and your brand gets. But then, how solid is that following?  It’s better to have a manageable number of followers which you can truly reach and have more likelihood of getting your word out for you than a hefty number who probably are just looking for more followers without thinking about conversion. The bottom line? It’s not about the number; it’s always about the quality.

3.   Create relevant and interesting content and do away with fluff articles. Blogging is another medium in which you can build authority. You have to know which customers you’re targeting. Once you have established that, you have to be consistently giving them new information, advice and tips to have a steady flow of traffic to your site.

4.   Dare to be different. It’s not about creating controversy, it’s about voicing your own opinions. Whatever social media platform you’re using, you need to be honest and vocal about what you really feel on a subject or topic which piques the interest of your target market.

5.   Remember your manners and put social media on your priority list. It’s important to maintain online relationships if you want to be considered an authority of a certain niche. You have to observe proper social media etiquette because it might just spell your doom if you don’t.

As a prolific social media user, what are your thoughts on how to be seen as an authority in your niche? Share your experience and results in the comments.


5 Comments 5 Ways To Be A Social Media Authority

  1. Virtual office assitant

    These tips are extremely beneficial. These are things that anyone can easily do to improve a blog or a site. Social media is the effective way of connecting with potential customers and this post is really awesome and thanks for sharing.

  2. Jay Badenhope

    Very valid points, especially for leaders who are new to social and wondering how to drive business results. I would add that authority comes from solving for the needs of your audience, whether that means presenting relevant products, solving problems, or just bringing a bit of humor.
    Thanks for the post.
    Jay B. (Intuit)

  3. Ian Henderson

    Great points. I need to adjust my profiles to match standard expressions in my industry. Fancy labels that make me unique among my peers are not standard terms people would use to search for my services. Managing all your social media profiles can be overwhelming. I use some automation with HootSuite and WordPress plugins on my blog to help automate some of the broadcasting while maintaining the human touch.


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