Keeping Your Customers Coming Back For More

Attracting customers is relatively easy, you just need to have a very convincing marketing strategy. The hard part is getting them to come back. If you are running a website (as most of us are), the challenge is to get a steady, if not increasing, number to visit your site everyday.

keeping customers coming back

It is not as easy as it seems, mostly because some people think that there’s no compelling reason to visit your site again. When you check your site statistics, you have a fairly good idea of what attracts your customers but what if you stray a bit from that? Does it mean that you won’t get enough attention?

Generally, people are eager to participate and engage in conversation. You need to be the catalyst for them to do so. The importance of keeping your site updated with fresh and relevant content is often discussed and advised by SEO specialists, gurus and other successful business owners. Why? Not only because it attracts more potential customers to your site but also because it would also help bring back your previous customers.

Most business owners nowadays post blogs, share thoughts and tips with business communities that they are active in and some even give out special deals, contests and promotions just to get people to come back. It’s the law of attraction. You attract people by making your business attractive to them. After all, it’s about “like attracting like”. You have to remember to make your site and your business irresistible enough that people would want to know more.

Apart from announcing to the whole blogosphere that you have a new product or that you are offering a new service, blogging is a very powerful tool to keep your customers engaged. Of course if all you write about are fluff articles which are not either entertaining nor informative, it defeats the purpose and you will probably end up with a lesser number of visitors.

Getting customers to regularly visit your site means that you need to be actively involved. You are building a community, not just selling an idea. To grow that community, you need commitment and engagement. You might be signed up for all social networking sites out there but it does not assure you of consistent site visitors. Your customers need to feel valued and listened to. They need to feel that what they say and what they bring to your business is important because it really is.


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  1. Cheryl

    I agree that people want to participate in interesting, content rich conversations for various reasons. This is why blogging is so important! Thanks for sharing.


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