Personal And Professional Development With PRINCE2 Training

project management with Prince2 training

PRINCE2 is a process-based methodology that offers non-proprietorial best practice guidance on project management, encompassing the management, control and organisation of a project. In addition to being used as a widely-used standard for effective project management internationally, it also takes the form of an official certification for accredited project managers across a wide range of sectors. Effective project management is critical to any business or organisation looking to successfully complete a new project whether it is IT, building or any other sector.

When making sure you and your people have the skills they need to become successful project managers it’s important to look beyond the project management certification. Of course, it’s important to invest in PRINCE2 training and certification, as this gives individuals and teams the understanding of the methodology. However, there are other skills that will also improve performance.

Clear communication is essential for project managers, whether it’s having the confidence to present to senior stakeholders, writing a clear business case, or sharing ideas within a team.

  • Effective presentation skills allow PRINCE2 project managers to present their ideas with confidence and influence their audience, whether it’s presenting ideas to a project team or feedback to a large group.
  • Strong business writing skills mean that you can get your message across without confusion, making sure you don’t sound too formal or too relaxed. You’ll be confident that the documentation you’re creating is clearly worded, easy to follow and yet professional.

Leadership is also an important part of the PRINCE2 project manager’s role, particularly knowing the right approach to take.

  • Understanding the difference between managing and leading allows you to get the right balance between using management skills to handle day-to-day project tasks, and using leadership skills to motivate and encourage your team.
  • Developing your skills in leading virtual teams, whether that’s project teams based across a range of locations, or a team made up of clients, suppliers and colleagues, will give you a real strength as a project manager, ensuring that everyone is involved and engaged.

Influencing and negotiation skills are an important part of business relationships in PRINCE2 project management, allowing them to achieve success in the formal and informal negotiations that form part of their role.

  • Strong negotiation skills will allow you to benefit from identifying and using the sources of negotiation power, construct creative solutions and deal effectively with a range of negotiation tactics.

Finally, to complete your professional development for PRINCE2 training, be honest about the professional skills that will benefit you as an individual. Consider whether you need support in organising work and time, or asserting yourself and building confidence or solving problems and making decisions.

Combining this new range of skills with your project management training will give you an even great change of success as an effective project manager.

About The Guest Author: Dr Ian Clarkson is Head of Project and Programme Management Product Development at QA and PRINCE2 accredited. This role provides business direction and ownership of QA’s portfolio, programme, project and risk management curriculum. Ian is an experienced lecturer, author, speaker and consultant, having delivered programmes and projects in all industry sectors.


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