5 Ways To Use Google+ For Business

5 Ways To Use Google+ For Business

Google Plus is not only for social communication but has proven to be an effective tool for business. Whether it is used in cost reduction efforts or to save time, Google Plus has numerous features designed to improve business productivity and efficiency. Businesses should try Google Plus to determine how the tool can facilitate business growth.

1. Google Plus Hangouts for Video Conferencing

Google Plus Hangouts allows users to collaborate and meet with remote clients and employees. A face-to-face meeting is often more personal than just the phone. Google Plus Hangouts will facilitate videoconferencing when business people cannot reach a central location for a meeting due to budget constraints, schedules or flight delays. Google Plus Hangouts can help to save companies time and money by improving efficiency and productivity.

2. Google Plus Screen Share for Collaboration

Google Plus Screen Share is also a part of Google Plus Hangouts. A PowerPoint presentation can be shared through Screen Share and allow others to view it at the same time. When participants can view presentations in real-time, the virtual meetings become more like actual meetings. Each member of the community can view the presentation and text message each other with comments or questions.

The video chat option makes screen sharing seem like everyone is in the same room. Other documents can be shared and modified through Screen Share. This makes collaboration easier and facilitates faster implementation of better solutions.

3. Google Plus White Board for Sharing and Teaching

Google interactive white board will allow business people to make changes on documents in real-time. With Google White Board, participants share notes about the changes being made through Google Plus. Participants can view changes as modifications occur. Instead of sending mass emails with every revision to every team member, this is a more effective use of time. Virtual meetings are easier with white boards. White boards allow team members to share Google Docs, spreadsheets and other documentation.

4. Google Plus to Facilitate Physical Meetings

Google Plus is used to facilitate physical meetings. Google Hangouts can tell business people where their customers are located. If a customer is in the area visited by a business person, the two people can meet for lunch or dinner to discuss business. Google Hangouts can inform business people what their customers like, and they can use those preferences to win business.

5. Google Plus Business Pages to Advertise and Connect to Customers

Google Plus business pages are customized specifically to businesses to mimic how business people work. Collaboration is the primary focus of the business pages. Google Plus officials are hoping that since email, chat and other collaboration tools are integrated in one application; business people will choose Google Plus to market their business. The application can be used to advertise or engage other businesses. There are numerous implications for Google Plus and Google Plus business pages.

Google Plus Circles allow business owners to separate their business clients by business name, product type or ranking within an organization. The tool is flexible and allows business people to sort their contacts to match the way they work. Google Plus is highly effective.

Google Plus is An Effective Tool for Business

Google Plus is an effective tool for business. Business owners should sign up for Google Plus and determine how the tool can help improve business productivity and profitability. Many business owners have already implemented Google Plus and prefer the ability to access numerous business applications in one unique tool. Google Plus is convenient, effective, user-friendly and most importantly, affordable.

About The Guest Author:   Ethan Henry is an avid technology writer with a background in programming and web design. He currently writes for the Los Angeles Appraiser blog.

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