Is Your Business Aware of Carbon Accounting?

Carbon accounting is the accepted method for calculating how much, or little, your business contributes towards global warming. The concept of carbon accounting has been around for a while now and ERP software developer Epicor has conducted a global survey of businesses, ranging from start-ups to multi-national corporations, on the topic.

They have presented their findings in the above infographic.

Some of the results are astounding:

The fact that 58% of all businesses surveyed were not even aware of carbon accounting is the first shocking statistic, especially from the perspective of green campaigners, but it is maybe even more shocking that of the 48% who were aware of the process, less than 25% understood it correctly.

The fact that 50% of CEO’s surveyed took no direct action with regards to carbon accounting probably explains this lack of knowledge. If the attitude of the boss is one of apathy then a positive attitude towards carbon accounting is unlikely to filter through the company.

Large corporations have the time, money and resources to “go green” but what about the small business? What can they do to monitor their carbon footprint? I would recommend a carbon footprint calculator; there are hundreds online so get on a search engine and find the best one for your specific business.

From there you can figure out the carbon dioxide levels produced by your business and, hopefully, work on a way to reduce it. You can also seek advice from local government on lowering your carbon footprint.

About The Guest Author: Kevin Ball is a writer working for Epicor, a company who specialise in business software and ERP Systems.


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