Streamlining Your Workstation For Productivity

What’s all the fuss about keeping a clean desk? In college, my favorite professor had stacks of books and articles that rivaled the Empire State Building. CEOs like Apple’s Steve Jobs and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos have even been photographed at desks that didn’t exactly display a model of organization.

streamline your desk for better productivity

Still, if you’re running a small business, you want things to work efficiently. That boils all the way down to your work station, both as an example to your employees and a place where you can be as productive as possible in the least amount of time necessary.

At the end of the day, your desk should have little more on it than your computer, keyboard, mouse pad, phone, and perhaps a framed photograph of a loved one. That doesn’t mean you won’t have clutter pile up through the day, but it’s how you begin your next work session that matters. Here’s how to get started with a clean slate, every time:

1. Evaluate and Adjust Existing Furniture

Oftentimes, we don’t properly file things or put something away because it’s not convenient. If you’ve got cabinets or drawers that aren’t easily accessible, now is the time to overhaul your office. Make sure that you’re comfortable in your chair. Would you be better off with a standing desk? Get creative and arrange your office in a way that allows easy access to all your filing systems.

2. Put it Away and Out of Sight

To have a clean desk, everything must have a place. Give yourself enough drawers and storage to do this. Hard drives can often go on a shelf under your desk, with their cords on a hook that’s easy to reach. Don’t overfill your desk drawers “” supplement with new containers if necessary. Label folders and envelopes for receipts and paperwork. When something doesn’t have a home, it stays on your desk and clutter builds.

3. Clean Up Your Desktop

Is your computer screen littered with icons? Create a few folders that everything can fall under. I have folders for “˜Clients,’ “˜Projects,’ “˜Music,’ “˜Pictures,’ and “˜Personal.’ At the end of the day, they’re the only items left on my desktop.

What other ideas have you used to de-clutter your workspace?

About The Author: Kenneth McCall loves to hike and ski but when he’s not busy with outdoor activities, he’s a managing partner at Ken designs systems and tools for homeowners and businesses that need storage in places in the midwest like self storage in Chicago and St. Louis.

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1 Comments Streamlining Your Workstation For Productivity

  1. John Battista

    Having a clean work station is essential for anyone in a position of management, to present a strong example to others in the office.

    For a while, my solution to keeping my desktop clutter free was to stuff everything into drawers, with no real rhyme or reason to how it went in. While this was a great temporary solution, I just spend the better part of a morning sorting through these drawers and picking out all the paperwork that was better suited for the recycling bin.


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