The Top 5 Secrets Of Successful Bloggers

The Top 5 Secrets Of Successful Bloggers

How do those successful, popular bloggers do it? We broke it down for you in 5 easy steps.

1.   Building a brand – Your blog, just like any other person or company, has an image. You can both control that image and make it work in your favor, or you can let it run rampant and drag you down.

Decide what you think your blog’s brand or public image needs to be, and make sure that every post, your layout, and everything you do that pertains to your blog sticks to that brand. This is what will make your blog memorable, and this also helps you reach your target market of readers.

2.   Helping and Being Helped – There will come a point when you realize that helping people without getting anything in return is actually a good thing. The more you help other bloggers and businesses, the more you will get your name out there as a “good guy” in the industry.

The blogging world can be a small world when you have created a lot of enemies by refusing to help. The more you help others, the more you will be helped in the future.

3.   Blogs & Businesses – If you have a business and a blog, use that in your favor by making them complement each other. If your blog is consistently bringing business into your place of work and your place of work is bringing business to your blog, you just multiplied your readers and income! Do not make the mistake of forgetting to integrate the two or making them both completely non-related.

4.   Remain focused on the particular community you are trying to reach – As much as you think you can, there is no way to reach every single person on this earth.   Trying to do that will force your blog to become non-specific and un-educated. Successful blogs pick a particular demographic of people they are trying to reach, and then become an authority in their particular topic.

It will bring you a lot more readers when you can be specific and dive into topics a little deeper. If you haven’t decided who you are trying to reach, decide now because this will shape a lot of your blog’s identity and posts.

5.   Advertise, Advertise, Advertise – After you have created a blog brand, decided on a demographic, integrated your blog and your business, and started helping other bloggers, you still need readers. The only way to do that is to advertise.

Get creative with ways to get the word out. If you are a blog about auto mechanics, detailing, or re-building classic cars, hand out fliers for your blog at car shows or in auto shops. You can also make a page on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites to allow your followers to share it with their friends.

If you look at your blog like a business, and think long term about what your goals are, how you want to appear to the public, the scheduling of posts, and other details, your blog will be a lot more successful than if you just hop on your computer every once in a while and rant about whatever you want. Your blog needs to be informative, entertaining, and professional, so figure out what you need to do to make that happen.

About The Guest Author:   Chad Goulde loves rock climbing, camping, hiking, and most of all, blogging. He has been a blogger for ten years now, and looks forward to every post. The Blog Builders can help with any other questions you may have, so click the link to visit their website.

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