How Businesses Can Embrace Google Plus to Launch New Products

Google Plus is Google’s entry into the world of social media, and competes directly with social media giant Facebook. Google has 90 million users, and is growing by leaps and bounds. Some suggest Google Plus may even overcome Facebook in the coming years.

While Google Plus is still in its infancy, businesses are smart to market their services and new products here, because Google is known for innovation and they have done many things right over the last few years.

How Businesses Can Embrace Google Plus to Launch New Products

The Google Plus button can and should be added to all of your blogs and websites, because the more followers your company has the more potential buyers they can market their newest products too.

Why should you do this? Because the Google search engine is one of the best ways to promote your business, and Google has indicated the more likes you receive will indeed affect your search engine rank, and in the world of Google search engine page rank is everything. In other words, the higher you rank the more chances you have to sell your newest products.

There are several steps your business can take to use Google Plus to market your products:

Create a Google Plus Circle

This circle should include everyone you know, clients, team members, friends, and anyone who might buy your products. Once you have your Google Circle you can tweak it so friends get personal updates, while clients receive your business updates.

Create a Google Plus page

If your business has a website or blog you should set this up as soon as possible and link to it. Then, ask all your contacts to add you to their Google Plus Circle. Consider asking your Facebook friends to connect with you on Google Plus to increase your presence even more.

As you add more to your circle you will have developed a powerful network of people who are interested in your business and your products. Furthermore, you are boosting your all-important Google search rank at the same time.

Like the other social media sites Google Plus has its own mobile app, and is a great way to connect with your Circle while on the go. You can also add more people to your network by logging into your Google Plus account. Then click in your Circle and then click on the find more people link.

This is huge, because the tab will suggest friends of your friends and offers you the potential to greatly expand your network. You will likely find people with similar interests as you, and you should connect with as many compatible people and businesses as you can.

When someone adds you to their Circle, Google will let you know. You should then return the favour by following them to increase your network. Remember, the more you expand your network the more new products you will likely sell in 2013.

Consider commenting on other people’s niches on Google Plus, because they may start commenting on your updates in return. This is how you develop essential relationships on social media sites. You should also ensure your Google Plus profile is public, because you will want people to find you. After all, the more people you connect with the more you will sell.

About The Guest Author: Richard McMunn is the director and founder of How2become; the UK’s leading career and recruitment specialist. For the last 7 years How2become has helped applicants prepare for and pass recruitment processes and assessment centres in order to secure their dream job. You can also find How2become on Google Plus.

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