What to Look for in a Document Management Company

When you are partnering with a document management service provider, you need to be sure that your data is well taken care of.   Indeed, there are many factors to consider when you are choosing from a list of service providers.  It’s an important decision to make – even more important than you realize.  How so?

document management system

Firstly, document management itself is crucial.  When you need to manage gigabytes of documents, you can’t afford to blink; if you mis-manage your documents, you can be sure that you can fall well behind schedule.

There’s a domino effect that occurs when you choose the wrong document management system (DMS) – including: poor time management, poor work ethics, poor work completion, bad customer feedback, and more. Everything starts right from the management of your files and documents

Your documents are your business’ life blood, so you should better take a good care of it – starting from choosing the right document management company.

Here’s what you should look at before signing on the dotted line with any company.

Tips on screening for service providers

First thing first: How about choosing a company which organizes itself really well?

Indeed, you should look for a company that is organized, sophisticated and up to speed on the latest ways to achieve success. More importantly, look into what they actually have organized for you to read.

If a document management company provides you with the tips to becoming better organized as well as the resources for a better work flow, then you should look into what they are doing internally to see whether they practice what they preach or not.

Don’t hesitate to ask about how they manage their very own documents.  If they are being hesitant in showing you how they do things in-house, how can you trust them with your data?

Look for holistic, reliable services

Ideally, when you are choosing the right service provider, the more services offered, the merrier. From document scanning to paper trail tracking, more services mean you only need to deal with a single service provider, as more providers mean more resources to spend for management.

You also need to know about the services in depth: How many documents can the system scan? Can you import your documents quickly? Is it well-secured?

Not only features, you also need to look for stellar customer support, or even better, consulting services.  You need to be able to seek help within arm’s reach, and get recommendations on the types of services offered, and details to what they are, how to use them, and so on.

Yes, it is very much like upselling when you promote related services next to popular ones; customers want to buy more products (and services) from a company they trust.

Always inquire with a customer service representative as to what types of services go hand and hand


When you sign up with a company, you are entering into a partnership.  When it comes to partnership, integrity, personality, experience, goals, and the principles of a company make all the difference.

As I have mentioned above, choosing the right document management system will directly impact your business operations; you can’t afford to choose the wrong solution.

Always be sure that you do your homework; ask around for recommendations; read trusted reviews and be sure you use the system which will best-fit your company’s needs. Finally, you need to do your own research: Read guidelines widely available online.


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