A Case Study in Customer Service: The Name Badge Industry

Great customer service in the name badges industry? It may not sound too exciting at first, but at Meluba Badges we deal with a huge variety of customers, from the sole trader to the largest organisations who all work differently, are looking for a bespoke product supplied quickly and at a competitive price.

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Meeting such a variety of demands with a great product and customer service is what we believe sets us apart, and by following our example, you can set your business apart too!

Understand your customers

Providing great customer service is impossible without first understanding your customer and your place in the market. Who are they, what are their expectations and likely previous experiences in dealing with your competitors? This information can help you build your strategy to win and retain business through loyalty. Our focus has always been to be refreshing, efficient and open.

First impressions count

The first interaction your customer has with you company is where you can set the tone. This may be someone visiting your website, emailing, calling or setting foot in your shop for the first time. A friendly, clear and informative experience is essential in building trust and making the customer comfortable. Our website and literature offer good product images, straight forward pricing and information on the product, the ordering process and how to contact us.

Keep it simple

Having a clear and uniform process from first contact through to delivery provides a strong platform from which to offer great service. Formatting this to a step by step guide not only helps our customers but also our staff in dealing with enquiries and requests.

We offer our customers information as to the specific badge, pricing, a free sample and a design proof so they can see what their badge will look like before we process their order. This way we can anticipate any potential issues before they develop.

Train your staff

Developing a culture of placing the customer at the centre of your organisation can only be done in the first instance through training your staff. Beyond this keeping them motivated and happy in their role is a sure way of getting the best out of your team. A well informed and knowledgeable employee with enough power to make the smaller decisions on your behalf will go a long way in creating a great experience for your customers.

Resolving issues

No matter how good your process, issues or complaints will occur. In our experience the best way to deal with these is firstly to listen to the customer and then hold your hands up if you have made an error. As the cliché says ‘It is not how you fall but how you get back up’. Sorting out a problem quickly and efficiently will actually tell your customer much more about your organisation than any first impression.

We always try and ensure that the customer has a single point of contact, is told how we are going to rectify the situation and that we then deliver on this!

Incentivise your customers to come back

The reason we always want to offer our customers a good service is to encourage them to come back to us in the future. In addition to offering a good product with a quick service there are a couple of other things that we can do. This may be as simple as offering a discount on their next purchase, popping a hand written note in with their order or including them on our Christmas card list.

Every industry is different but putting the customer at the centre of your business is vital in a time when it is all too easy to find your competitor. Hopefully this small insight in to our business in the name badge market will be useful in figuring out how to deliver outstanding service to your customers.

About the Author: Mike Reddan is the Managing Director of Meluba Badges. Based on Northamptonshire, England, Meluba have made a name for themselves in the badges industry by providing outstanding customer service and putting the client at the centre of everything they do.


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