5 Types of Effective Marketing Swag for Your Etsy Brand

You love to craft, and you’ve been told time and again people would pay money to buy what you can produce. You’ve decided to try to earn some extra income – perhaps even grow your passion into a viable career someday – by opening an Etsy store.

Etsy sewing shop

In order to effectively get the word out about your store, you should start a marketing campaign to grow awareness about your store. Pass out and mail swag personalized with your Etsy shop’s information. Give these items as a bonus with an order, mail them to influential reviewers and bloggers, and pass them out at crafting fairs. The more beautiful or useful the swag, the more likely it is to do its job.


The typical Etsy shopper adores homemade and old-fashioned items and thus is likely to appreciate things like handwritten letters. Regardless, even in a digital era, people still reach for pens for signatures, quick memos and shopping lists. Give them a pretty pen to reach for with your Etsy shop name on it. Visit thepenguy.com to see the array of pen styles available, as well as the customization options.

With room for personalization on both the pen barrel and the clip in many varieties, you have space to add color and even a small art design that effectively represents what you sell.


Cheap to send and easy to pack in your suitcases in bulk to pass out at events, postcards are an ideal way to spread the word about your shop. On one side, include a high quality image of an example or two of your products for sale. On the other, include a second small image and/or your Etsy shop logo, along with all the information customers will need to find you online.

The images you use on the postcard – in fact all of the product images on your store site – must be high quality, not only in terms of resolution but also in staging, or you’ll actually turn people away from your shop. A blurry or stretched image isn’t going to bring in business. Hire a professional photographer if need be to achieve the most compelling look.


Stickers are another fun gift ideal for the creative, crafty Etsy shopper. As with the postcards, use a high quality image on your stickers. Since you only have one side to work with, incorporate your logo and store information onto the image in the corner.

Choose a product that’s as beautiful or as cute as you’ve got to feature so recipients will want to stick that sticker in art collages and scrapbooks and on bikes and cars. Order a variety of sizes, from small to bumper sticker size, for maximum appeal.

Reusable Tote Bags

Etsy shoppers are willing to pay a little more for handmade items because they enjoy quality products they know will endure. A reusable tote bag with your shop logo and information is the perfect gift for Etsy shoppers. Not only can they use the bag for shopping around town, but they can stuff it with crafting supplies for their own craft meets. Wherever they carry your bag, they’re sure to start a conversation about your store.

Greeting Cards

Offer your shoppers and reviewers greeting cards with images of your products, especially if your products translate well as decorative items. Choose multiple products to feature for a variety pack, one on the front of each card, and include your logo, a secondary picture and shop information on the left inside of the card. Leave the right side blank for people to write their own message or include a holiday-specific message for a holiday marketing event. Spread the word about your shop through the beauty of handwritten letters and greetings.

When coming up with blogs and reviewers to whom to send your swag, remember 75 percent of Etsy buyers (and sellers) are women, according to The Huffington Post. Targeting the right consumer base is just as important as choosing the marketing swag to pass out. No matter what you choose to shower on your customers (potential and actual) providing reminders of your Etsy store’s existence is sure to give you a huge return in investment, giving you the financial security to channel more of your energy into a hobby you love.

About the Author: Gary Austin is the founder of Gary Austin Advertising and has been in the business of promotional swag for over 25 years.


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