Leave A Lasting Impression After Speaking At Conferences

After pulling off a great conference, the impression should not end there, even after the Q&A session toward the end. The magic really happens when you engage each and every single person at the conference, I mean it will take up more of your time but it gives you the perfect opportunity to swoop in and pitch your business and brand! You have already managed to hopefully hook them whilst performing the presentation so why not take it that one step further? Not doing so simply means you are dropping the ball and missing out on great potential business.


Let’s go through some different ways to leave a real lasting impression with your audience! The real trick here is to make them want to talk to you!

Using Swag

Personalised packs are very common when touring around big expos and other conferences. In fact most companies give out bags containing their branded products, though it is still very effective marketing and a great way to keep yourself in their minds.

Things you will often find in these bags are:

  • Mouse mats
  • T-Shirts
  • Hats
  • Parker pens
  • Badges
  • Fridge Magnets
  • Business Cards
  • Stickers
  • And more!

Even the bag itself is usually branded, very clever way of marketing yourself is have other people do it or you without knowing, simple, but effective! I you are going to use a bag then make sure they are made from cotton canvas, the reason it because they are eco-friendly, very durable and comfortable to carry.

The Domain Name/Landing Page

When anyone talks to other at conferences and expos they typically mention three things:

  • Their name
  • Company or Business name
  • Website/Domain name

Everyone always hands over a business card but the even more important thing is a memorable domain name! Using a landing page is going that one step further as you can prepare for the conference and base your offer around the conference by creating a purpose built page just to pull in that business and have that call-to-action present. So if you do want to take that extra step then have a web designer knock up a quick lander before the conference with a special offer on and pitch it to the people you meet and talk to, you could even take this ANOTHER step further and put the landing page domain on your business card and get 100 made just for that conference.

So Try The Following:

  1. Purchase an easy to remember yet catchy domain name
  2. Use a web designer or get some sort of tool to create the lander for you.
  3. Include a strong headline that is catchy and will draw the attention of people, also try using a sub-heading to backup your headline.
  4. Create the body that will sell your brand and product to the potential customer.
  5. Create the call-to-action near the bottom and MAKE THEM BUY!

Turn The Tables

People paid money to attend and to speak to people like you and other like-minded business people and entrepreneurs, turn the tables and make them the stars by listening and providing feedback.

  • Purchase their products and leave reviews
  • Make a post conference wrap up and mention them on your blog

If you go that extra mile you will leave a lasting impression!

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons


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