5 Tips for Running a Successful Social Media Contest

Social media contests are popping up all over, but do you know the right way to use them for your company? In order to maximize benefits, it is important to understand what you need to do before you launch a contest. By spending time on setting up the rules and establishing firm objectives, there will be fewer questions later on, and you and your employees can focus on creating meaningful relationships with entrants.

Social media contest winners

Check out these five ways to run a successful social media contest below.

Social media contest infographic

1. Set up the contest

Make sure to nail down a time frame, rules for entrance, criteria for winners and any additional regulations to ensure the contest runs smoothly.

You also need to prepare the marketing materials to make your contest attractive.

2. Establish firm contest objective

By figuring out what exactly you want your contest to accomplish, you will be more likely to be successful in benefiting your business in the long run as well as building out a valuable database.

A clear-cut objective also helps you to measure the results of your campaign; you want a good return on your investment from your contest.

3. Promote your contest

Whether your contact bloggers and influencers, promote within your own account, or reach out to other prominent accounts, promoting your contest is the only way to ensure entries and success. Encourage entrants to share on their own pages for even more reach.

If you are running a Facebook contest, consider to use Facebook unpublished posts (“dark posts”) as you can reach out to a wider audience beyond your own fans and followers.

4. Monitor and follow up

In order to create quality, lasting engagement with your consumers, monitor contest entrants to see if they fit into your target, and then follow-up to establish a relationship.

Relationship means as it is, really – no selling, no pitching. Delight and entertain your consumers before you sell anything.

5. Pick a relevant prize

Picking a prize that is not related to your product may hurt you in the long run. In order to create a meaningful interaction with contestants, give away a prize that ensures the winner will likely interact with your brand again; perhaps a gift card or product made by your company.


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