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If you’re looking for a job and struggling, I can help you. What I’m going to reveal to you in this article a lot of people overlook when applying for a job. I never really paid it much attention until I saw this infographic that gives out lots of facts on social media use and its role when employers are considering hiring people. You can learn a lot and drastically improve your employability rate.

Social media job search

Let’s start with the basics. The majority of employers will spy on your social media profiles before hiring you. This is a fact and it’s one you need to be well aware of. Let me give you a couple of examples. 50% of people applying for jobs (where the employer looked on their social media) had inappropriate photos which led them to be held in lower regard and in most cases not get the position. Running adjacent to these people were 43% who showed excellent communication skills which I’m sure led to them getting a second interview or even the job.

Pay attention to your social media – it might just enable that dream job you’ve been pining for…

Use Social Media To Improve Your Job Search
Use Social Media To Improve Your Job Search is an infographic that was produced by Gumtree

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