The Benefits of Owning a Commercial Fleet

In the modern age, there are a vast number of commercial fleet management solutions for small and medium sized businesses. The majority of these revolve around leasing models, as business owners have the opportunity to take temporary possession of high quality vehicles without assuming the burden of ownership. This is considered to be extremely beneficial, especially when you consider that cars tend to depreciate in value and the associated cost of pre-planned maintenance.

Commercial fleet

The 3 Main Benefits of Owning your Commercial Fleet

With asset finance available from Maxxia and similar firms, however, it is important to note that taking ownership of the vehicles in your commercial fleet can deliver genuine benefits in a flourishing economy. These include: –

1. The Creation of a Simple Fleet Management Plan

Buying cars and taking ownership of your commercial fleet is particularly viable for small businesses, as it is far more affordable to purchase one, two or even three models than it is to invest in ten. In addition to this, it also creates a simplified fleet management plan that enables you to focus on more strategic elements of your business. This can be extremely rewarding, as even though you are required to take care of planned or unexpected maintenance costs you will have more time to drive efficiency and higher profit margins throughout your company.

2. Boost Your Businesses Physical Assets

Whether they depreciate in value or not, taking the decision to own the individual vehicles in your commercial fleet has another considerable advantage. More specifically, it boosts the value of your company’s physical assets, which may in turn provide more flexibility in terms of managing capital or requesting future lines of credit. From a purely pragmatic perspective, it may even provide you with a financial contingency in the event of a sudden decline or a loss in earnings. While this is not a thought that business owners want to give consideration to, it is important that companies prepare for all possible eventualities.

3. Use Your Vehicles as Mobile Marketing Tools

When you lease commercial vehicles, you will need to ensure that they are well-maintained and kept in optimum condition. While the same principle may also be applied to commercial vehicles that you own, this arrangement affords you far more choice when customising the appearance of your cars and incorporating key messaging. Once you have purchased vehicles and adopted them into your fleet, you can set about introducing branding and turning cars into mobile marketing tools.


The importance of owning a commercial fleet depends on what you are going to do with your vehicles. In whichever decision you make, please do make sure that your vehicles bring positive impacts – either tangible or intangible – for your small business.  Otherwise, your fleet would only become a costly liability.


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