Thinking of Filing Business Cards Away Forever? Think Twice Before Making This Decision

Business cards. These two words are constantly debated on social media, news sites and in everyday conversation. Perhaps the biggest question professionals are asking is do business cards still matter? The answer to that question is a resounding YES!

Exchanging business cards

In a world where we are becoming more and more connected with our electronic devices, the personal touch of a business card is tremendously important and can make the difference between a strong first impression and a weak first impression.

Here is why a business card is more important then ever in our digital world.


With the rumor of print’s demise spreading, individuals often question the longevity of business cards as a form of identity. However, business cards are able to capture the entire mission and vision of a company in one collective area, something that digital platforms have not been able to rival. The business card compliments an individual or brand in the same way a cover letter compliments a resume, with style and personality. The ability to customize a template, font and color scheme provides an opportunity to stand out, and first impressions are everything.

When contemplating the layout and design of a card, quality and expertise are extremely important. It is crucial to invest in an appealing card that will urge others to follow up and learn more about a business or brand. Often times, printing companies that produce high quality cards have professional designers on staff, and that person will be able to provide guidance for an aesthetically appealing look. Remember to always include a:

  • First and Last Name
  • Address
  • Email Address
  • At Least One Contact Phone Number
  • Website (if applicable)


Business cards have not been replaced by technology – Business Card Printers remain busy as ever. In fact, there are many tools that blend technology applications with the use of business cards. For example, there are lead generation tools and services that allow QR codes to be scanned and stored by smartphones. Many conferences and large-scale events now feature apps that allow attendees, speakers and exhibitors to save and exchange contact information from business cards.


Business cards were created for networking, and almost every industry event contains some element of swapping contact information. This is a crucial way to remind individuals who you are and why they should be interested in your services. Chances are you will be at an event where business cards are being exchanged, and you don’t want to be without the chance to brand your business. Carrying the perfect card provides the opportunity to win over potential clients and spread the word about your services.

Business cards have reigned supreme for some time and are most definitely going to stay strong in the years to come. Make sure to invest in this communications medium today. Your personal and professional brand will thank you later!

Photo credit: Geoffrey Franklin / Flickr


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