Suit or Jacket: How to Play it Right for Your Game Company Job Interview

Businesses in the tech industry in general, and in the gaming industry in particular, tend not to go by the same ideas as businesses in other industries. It’s well known, for instance, that casualwear rules at companies like Apple and Facebook.

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At companies that develop hit games, the complete absence of dress codes is the only code there is. Coders are known to arrive at work in the same unwashed pair of shorts and T-shirt for days. Some arrive in elaborate masquerade party-style costumes, and others favor tailored, three-piece suits. These people, though, are already employed. If you were interviewing for a position as game developer, what kind of clothing would get you in the front door?

Your interviewers will be wearing shorts

It can be hard to know what to do when you head in to an interview where the interviewers are dressed in hyper-casual style. One rule, though, should be a good guide — you shouldn’t be careless. While you may be able to get away with wearing shorts and a wife-beater if you want, you need to make sure that you wear them neatly, and that the clothes are new and clean.

In general, though, choosing quality clothes that are in good taste would be a safe bet. New, unripped jeans and a button-down shirt are good idea. If you’re going with a T-shirt, you should make sure that the message on it isn’t offensive.

Personal hygiene is all-important. Clean fingernails, a haircut and shave, and very lightly scented deodorant should complete the picture.

Ask, don’t guess

The company that you are interviewing with will probably have information on its website about how they expect interviewees to present themselves. After you read the information there, calling the recruiter or hiring manager could clear up any questions that you may have. If online information about the company makes you wonder that they could have a slightly conservative culture, you can attempt both a casual style and a formal style together by throwing on a jacket over your shirt and jeans. This type of safe play is popular today in men’s fashion.

Remember what’s said about first impressions

When your interviewers first lay eyes on you, they will instantly and unconsciously size you up as a person, and as a potential employee. They will make quick mental calculations about whether you look like someone who could work well in a team, work to a deadline and so on. While it may make no sense to take such impressions away from the way a person looks, it’s an undeniable part of human nature. Whatever you do with your clothes, you want to make sure that it makes a good first impression on your interviewers.

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Make sure that you remember the “first impression” rule throughout

You’ll be creating various first impressions all through your interview. Whatever you say, your interviewers will use the information you give them to make assumptions about your personality and character. You need to constantly be aware of how you’re coming off.

Don’t be vague: Whatever you have achieved so far, you should be specific when you describe it. You should offer hard information on what your contributions to past projects have been. Sharing in-depth information that only a real worker would know will help your interviewers take you seriously.

Show them what a team player you are: Game creation tends to be a team effort. Employers are always looking for leaders who can bring teams together. If you’ve ever managed to use your ideas or influence to either take your own team in a new direction or influence other teams, be sure to talk about it in specific terms.

Show them that you have opinions: It doesn’t matter what kind of capacity you’ve worked in; you need to have an opinion about every part of game creation, from soundtrack recording to the lighting and the action approaches used. When you have thoughts on everything, it shows the interviewers that you’re a thinker, constantly looking for new information that will help you go in new directions.

Finally, be likable

Being someone that everyone can get along with is, by itself, a hirable quality. The nicer you are to be around, the more smooth things will be around the office.


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