Top 5 Online Invoice Generators for Small Business Management

You don’t need to pay for native invoicing apps and software programs for your mobile devices or office PC. There are tons of great online invoice generators out there, that do just as good a job as more complicated paid solutions like Intuit, Freshbooks, Oracle, etc.

Shopify online invoice generator

Most small business owners don’t need complicated accounting solutions and will have an outside private business accountant that takes care of crunching the numbers anyhow. This makes the need for a clean and simple tool for creating and downloading your receivable’s invoices a must for many SMB owners out there.

Here’s a list of the top 5 web-based generators that you can access any time, to make a quick invoice on the fly, from any device and as many times as you like – for free! Don’t expect to be able to customize the look of your invoice for free though. Each tool offers 1 pre-selected template, but a few offer upgrade options you can consider if you like their interface.

1. Shopify’s Free Invoice Generator

This amazing little gem hosted on Shopify is one of the most versatile free invoicing tools you’ll find online. It allows for multiple fields including both yours and your invoicee’s address information, invoice #, billing date, item, description, quantity, and price. You can add several lines to separate different invoiced items.

The generator calculates the final costs for you, and the sales tax rate is adjustable for different states and provinces. You can also upload your business logo and/or attach files for the recipient. The outputted invoice is professional and pleasing to the eye. Once you’ve put your info in, the invoice becomes free for download where you can print, email and store it on your own devices.

This tool is the best of all because the finished invoice looks crisp and contemporary and it allows for multiple item/description lines. Since it’s hosted on Shopify, we feel this is the most secure of all the tools on the list.

2. Invoice Ninja

Invoice Ninja is a full service solution for doing all of your invoicing online, in a simple and straightforward fashion. The output looks as good as that offered by Free Invoice Generator, but this free product offers options that the latter does not. You can store and manage your invoices for free in their cloud dashboard. It also has one major drawback: you can’t add more than one item/description line per invoice – a major bummer if you have separate items to add to your billing description.

With Invoice Ninja you can enter all the important data needed to make the invoice as professional-looking and descriptive as possible: sender and client name and address, invoicing and due date, invoice number, item, description, cost, extra notes and terms, etc. This tool also allows you to input a PO # and discount percentage to be calculated and displayed in the total.

3. Zoho Online Invoice Generator

Zoho is a big name when it comes to cloud-based accounting solutions. This free generator is offered by them online for small business owners just like you who don’t need a complicated accounting app for your business, but still like to use a pre-made template for creating professional invoices.

This Zoho generator offers all the same inputs as the others in this top 5 list do, other than the ability to download invoices. You can only print them, meaning you’d have to scan a copy in order to store it in your files. While the look of the outputted invoice is on-par with Invoiced Lite it can’t hold a candle to the pizzazz offered by the Free Invoice Generator or Invoice Ninja. Still, this is a simple and straightforward invoicing tool and worth bookmarking for use on your mobile or desktop.

4. Invoiced Lite

Invoiced Lite is another great online invoice generator that allows for all the input fields that a small business owner needs. The UI isn’t as sharp or refined as the Free Invoice Generator and the output isn’t as sharp as it could be. However, this is the company’s “Lite” version, so you have to expect them to leave something to the imagination to encourage upgrades to “Pro”.

You can input yours and your recipient’s address data, invoice #, date, due date, item, quantity and rate. The total cost is calculated for you and state and provincial sales tax is adjustable. One nice standout feature of this invoice generator is that it allows for adjustment for currency, allows you to add a separate shipping cost, and includes an input for adding discounts to the invoiced amount too. Logos can be uploaded also, but there’s no attachment feature with the Lite version.

5. is a relatively new interface, so there’s always a chance it may act buggy at times. Not saying it will, just that the other 4 above have more of a history.

It offers most of the inputs the others listed do: sender and client name and address, invoicing and due date, invoice number, item, description, cost, extra notes and terms. You can download a PDF copy once you’re finished. The one real drawback to this invoicing tool is that the output is very basic. Not necessarily unprofessional but nothing spectacular nonetheless.

Bonus: Invoice Templates from Invoice Home

This tool is by no means a last resort, but it’s a bonus for a reason. Firstly, there are 100+ blank invoices PDF to choose from. Secondly, editing the template and making it yours is as easy as 1-2-3. Thirdly, you can brand the template with your logo. And last but not least, you can allow your clients to pay the invoices with their credit cards or Paypal account.  Quite capable, for such an underrated invoice generator.


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  1. Brian (@bbrian017)

    Hi Ivan,

    These look like some great invoice generating platforms. I love the fact that they’re very easy to use and an invoice can be created and sent in seconds.

    I do love the invoicing feature of Paypal. It’s very easy to use.

    Thanks for sharing these platforms.


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