Trends in Unified Communications for 2015 and Beyond (Infographic)

As 2015 heads into its second quarter, many technology experts are wondering what the rest of this year will hold for unified communications. Some authorities in this sector have predicted that IT will change more in the next 18 months than it has in the past decade. Along with that, the rest of 2015 is expected to mirror 2014 in its double-digit cloud-based adoption growth.

Unified Communications (UC)

But first thing first: What is Unified Communications (UC)?

UC is a single product or a set of products that integrate enterprise-class communication services in real-time, presented in a centralized user interface that is consistent across multiple devices.

UC lets every person in a company to communicate with one another, regardless of physical location or devices.

The increasing need for UC

The main driver of unified communications growth centers around the need for mobility for both employees and their managers. Many businesses have abandoned their typical brick-and-mortar models for a more flexible workplace that offers telecommuting and adaptable schedules, and in order to do this successfully, it is important for companies to have the right software. In addition, visual communications are becoming more of a staple in business operations throughout 2015.

For more information on the upcoming trends in unified communications, check out the infographic below:

Shoretel Upcoming Trends in Unified Communications Infographic

Graphic provided by ShoreTel

Recap: Unified Communications trends for 2015 – and beyond

What to expect in the world of UC in the upcoming months?

Faster IT tech advances than ever before: If you are slow to adopt, the impact is even greater due to the tech breakthroughs.

Demand for collaboration skyrockets: As businesses are moving toward a global market, demand for effective and efficient collaboration tools is rising.

UC in the cloud: Growth for cloud-based UC adoption is strong and showing no sign of slowing down. Embrace the cloud!

More video calls, please: Visual communications and video streaming are rising in popularity, especially on social media – in 2015, expect videos to go mainstream in business.

Remote working is on the rise: Mobile tech has lower the requirements for remote working – it’s now a priority in 2015.


Geographical limitations and boundaries in the business world are increasingly blurred. Companies can now have multiple HQ, located near the target market. Any business people can now connect and collaborate with others via the cloud. A new breed of entrepreneurs can now run their startups anytime, anywhere they want. All thanks to the advances in cloud and mobile technology, as well as UC solutions.

If you want to stay competitive in today’s tougher-than-ever market, you need to embrace UC, mobile and cloud tech – and you need to do it sooner than later, as your competitors are probably already adopting the tech before you.


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