Top Tricks to Invigorate Your Facebook Marketing Efforts

Tired of being lectured on how social media marketing is so important in contemporary marketing battlegrounds? Why waste your time and cloud your mind on Facebook marketing tricks that even your neighbor is aware of, when real differentiation can only be enjoyed by leveraging the best guarded Facebook marketing secrets?

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Do you know about the smart and power packed tools available for fine tuning all your Facebook marketing efforts? In this guide, we bring out some actionable, result oriented, and easy to use Facebook tips and tricks that will start bringing in results soon. So whether you are a small business looking to grow locally, a medium size business trying to emerge in the region or even go national, or a digital marketing firm looking for social media marketing hacks to help clients grow, these suggestions are meant for you:

Boosted Posts still work – use them

There was a time when every firm ‘boosted’ its Facebook posts with a call to action and hoped for audiences to click their way through. Saturation took the fix out of Boosted Posts for some time; however, if done well, it has some terrific services to render. All firms looking to market their new products, upcoming promotional activities, or brand recall messages through Facebook can choose to use Boosted Posts to make their post stand in a different light, hence gathering more attention, clicks, and responses.

Invest time in creating a superb post with a salient image, and try out boosting the post. With detailed analyses following your campaign, you will have objective data to evaluate whether or not the method works for you.

Newsfeed is where all the action is

The average Facebook user logs into his/her account, scans through the Newsfeed, clicks on items of interests, gets busy in a chat or engages in commenting on photographs. Asking a user to ‘visit your Facebook page’ is going to create some uncertainty. This is because hardly anybody has the willingness to move away from the Newsfeed and hop over to a marketing page.

Instead, use ActionSprout to add action buttons right into the post content in the Newsfeed. Asking users to sign up for your newsletter, seeking votes on a contention, virtually signing petitions, registering for Facebook contests being organized by your firm – all these are bound to work with a single click button made readily available on the user’s Newsfeed page. Use this trick, and see your Facebook campaigning success ratios surge skywards.

ActionSprout's Shop Now button on Facebook page

The PR appeal of Facebook

Bring Facebook into your PR marketing mix, as it has some special benefits to bless you with. Sharing your news stories on Facebook not only captures interests, it helps you create hype faster, get connected with target audiences quicker, and all that without paying a PR firm a single dime. Even credit repair firms like Lexington Law use Facebook to keep their followers informed about credit practices.

Journalists rely heavily on Facebook to gather stories, so you can easily reach media members by doing a quick localized Facebook search. Follow journalists, important people working with news agencies, and Facebook accounts of popular publications so that you have a support infrastructure in place when you get your wonderful story to share.

Preparing for the future with ultra-targeted Facebook ads

Marketers are battling the urgency of finding better means of connecting with and reaching out to fans through Facebook as the social media giant continues to adjust its user experience. With a pay-to-lay model seemingly around the corner, now is the time to bring targeted marketing into picture. Website Custom Audiences is a superb tool to help you achieve value added targeting on Facebook for your ads.

With this tool, you can deliver targeted ads to users who have interacted with your website earlier. For instance, somebody who has been to your website’s ‘Contact Us’ age could be targeted with a free appointment advertisement in the Newsfeed, whereas another who’s bounced off from your landing page can be targeted with a ‘Request A Newsletter’ advertisement. Website Custom Audiences, if supplemented with a smart targeting plan, can activate impressive results for your firm through Facebook.

Enhance ROI on Facebook campaigns with Audience Insights

Why shoot in the dark when you have Audience Insights to guide you in terms of understanding the demographics of your Facebook audience before you unleash your next content stream, focused ads, or contests! Do you need to post more photos? Do married couples make a major chunk of your audience? How receptive are users to a contest?

Answers to questions like these are worth their weight in gold for marketers. Audience Insights, true to its name, gives you quick and important information about your audience, helping you create and fine-tune your content accordingly.

Detailed understanding about important aspects such as lifestyle preferences, demographic break up, and previous campaign stats records help you continually improve your Facebook marketing campaigns and make the ROI grow every time. Investing time in understanding the audience is bound to fast track your journey towards success with Facebook marketing.


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