How Comindware Process Change your BPM

Business Process Management (BPM) is all about making sure that business processes and workflow is executed in a more effective and efficient manner. BPM also concerns about your company’s capability to adapt to changes.

Business Process Management

With that said, you need BPM software (BPMS) that is reliable and easy to setup to help you manage your currently active business processes.

The problem is, not all BPMS is created the same. And many BPMS fall short under the “integration” category: While those software are perfect in managing business processes, integrating them with, for example, project management is a painless experience, if not impossible.

There is a good news, though. I have been involved with Comindware for several years, and although I’m not affiliated, I can vouch for them.

Comindware launches Business Operations Management Suite

Comindware, a leading provider of cloud-based Enterprise Work Management Solutions, offer holistic solutions to work and business management. What sets Comindware apart from the competitors is the fact that they focus on ease-of-use, customizability, and automation.

The recently launched Comindware Business Operations Management Suite has taken work and business management to a whole new level. The suite enables you to oversee and manage any business activities and the data they created from a birds-eye view.

The suite leverages Comindware Platform, a unique platform on which out-of-the-box applications and custom applications are built. The platform minimizes coding, simplifies system set up and configuration, and automate resource allocations when changes are made.

The launch of Comindware Business Operations Management Suite also features Comindware Process, a BPMS that allows you to automate, manage and optimize complex business operations that are typically found in mid to large companies.

Why Comindware Process is changing how you approach BPM

The short answer is ultra-flexibility.

Here’s the long answer:

Low code approach and automation

With minimal coding knowledge required, your learning curve is considerably shorter, making it faster to deploy business processes – from modeling to analysis – via a visual interface.

Tweaking processes via drag&drop, rearranging activities in the BPM life-cycle has never been easier. Activities are logically arranged automatically, minimizing the need for you to manually allocate resources in response to the changes.

Enterprise Architecture Modeling

Here’s what make Comindware Process the next generation of BPMS: The ability to model the end-to-end value chain process through the configuration of processes, projects, tasks and cases.

The cutting-edge Enterprise Architecture Modeling enables you to see all company operations from a birds-eye view, in such a way that you can make a well-informed decision on the architecture.

Enterprise Architecture Modeling - Comindware Process

End-to-end scenario creation

Want to design a process that goes beyond BPM and involve project management, say, starting from product order to processing to payment? Want to design a product development process that will guide from product ideation to product launch? You can do so, thanks to the native integration of Comindware Process and Project Management.

Unified data model

Incorporating ElasticData technology, Comindware BPMS can capture, manage and analyze any types of business data – in a unified data model. Other Comindware applications can access the data, and you can get reports created based on the data – all in real time.

Team collaboration

Incorporating the built-in Comindware Team Network application, Cominware Process enables you and your team members to collaborate on BPM.

Team collaboration with Comindware Process

Fully-configurable work environment

You can set up individual working environments for your team, using configurable layouts, dashboards, filters and navigations – and access them in any format (Microsoft Outloo and SharePoint) and from any devices.


Comindware Process is cloud-based BPM software that feature the state-of-the-art business process modeling tools that require minimal coding knowledge. Along with the ability to automate things, as well as the integratibility with other apps – both native and non-native, I suggest you to give Comindware Process a try.

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