Office Rebranding: 7 Personalization Tips to Make Your Space Your Own

It seems that nine out of 10 offices look exactly the same: gray cubes, white walls, fluorescent lighting, and dull, dreary-eyed workers. While this uniformity may be the cheapest décor option, it certainly doesn’t inspire your workers to be better — or entice prospective clients to buy your products. What you need to rebrand your frumpy office interiors with a bright new style that encourages everyone to feel better and work harder.

Office rebranding

Here are seven tips to claim your company’s office space with inviting decoration.

1. Develop a Theme

Your corporate brand didn’t come together in a single afternoon — it took weeks of brainstorming to develop a meaningful message and attractive logos to go with it. The same will be true of your office’s design. You should avoid throwing together stylistic elements haphazardly; instead, you should consider your company’s brand — especially its tone — and work up from there.

For example, if you have a highly regarded, proper brand, you might strive to incorporate traditional style, like dark woods, glass, and dark, simple colors. However, if you have a friendlier brand, like Coca-Cola, you might want to use brighter colors and lighter materials. By suffusing your brand in your employees’ workspaces, you will create cohesion and stability throughout your company.

2. Make It Bright

You might argue that white walls go with everything, but more often than not, white is wearily bland. In contrast, bursts of bright color on the walls and around the office will wake up you workers and keep them energized throughout the day. Research shows that robin’s egg blue is the most constructive color, as workers tend to be more productive when surrounded by the calming, inspiring hue. However, you might want to sub in blue for similar colors that work with your brand, like pale orange or sage green.

3. Bring in Light

The overhead fluorescent lighting in your current space might be cheap, but it probably isn’t helping your bottom line as much as you think. The bright white light that fluorescents emit tends to exhaust the eyes, and the constant flickering inherent in fluorescents’ design (which most people don’t consciously see) tends to create constant headaches; both of these issues detract from employees’ ability to work.

Instead, you should open up the blinds and bring in as much natural light as possible. Those who work aided by natural light tend to be more energetic throughout the day and exhibit drastically less stress than their fluorescently lit peers. If lighting is still an issue, try swapping out those white fluorescents for blue-toned lights, which tend to be less harsh and more conducive to focus.

4. Keep It Clean

Simply put, a dirty office isn’t a nice place to be. Of course, you should encourage your employees to clean up their messes, but you undoubtedly have dirt and dust that your workers cannot reach. You should hire a professional cleaning company to tidy the office regularly, and you should contact additional services as necessary to ensure your office is as sanitary as possible. For example, companies in the Central Valley might want to seek carpet cleaning in Bakersfield, CA, especially during allergy seasons when the pollen builds up.

5. Add Some Life

There is decades-worth of research that confirms the fact that plants enhances any space. In the office, plants can improve concentration, boost performance, increase job satisfaction, better health, and perk moods, among dozens of other positive changes. Even just looking at images of plants tends to enrich a worker’s ability to work. Thus, you should strongly consider sticking a few indoor plants around your space as soon as possible.

Of course, plants aren’t the only décor that can add vigor to your office. You can consider getting a simple office pet, like a goldfish, that will turn your workforce into a community. Alternatively, artwork requires almost no maintenance and adds culture and soul to any space.

6. Allow for Comfort

Every day, your employees have to get out of bed, leave the solace of their homes, and spend most of their time in the office, which means you should strive to make the space as welcoming and comfortable as possible. Their break rooms should be well-appointed with the luxury items they need to rest their bodies and minds: couches, pillows, deluxe coffee machines, etc. However, you don’t want your employees to get too comfortable — everyone should keep their shoes on and their hair up. Still, a strict, stodgy environment is not usually conducive to success, so you should take strides to make your workers feel at home, at least.

7. Maintain Credibility

Rebranding your office can be incredibly fun, but it is important to remember that less is more, especially in design. You want your office to retrain its credibility for clients, which means you should try not to go overboard on funky and flashy design elements. As long as you remain true to your brand — and remember that you are decorating an office, not a bachelor pad — you should soon have a place where your employees want to be.


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