5 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Home in Surabaya

Surabaya is home to world renowned mayor Tri Rismaharini who has consistently made improvements to the urban landscape in the last five years and is one of the biggest and most bustling cities in Indonesia, and it’s also one of the hottest places to live right now. Not only is there lots of opportunity for families and working professionals alike, but it’s also getting even better with each passing year. Although Surabaya isn’t known for being picturesque and has a reputation for being very fast-paced, true locals know that the city is much more than that. Here are five reasons why you should be looking at real estate in Surabaya right now.

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1. Discoveries at Every Turn

One misconception about Surabaya is that it’s only for work and commuting. According to the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism, the city of Surabaya is known colloquially as the City of Heroes, with commemorative statuary visible at every corner. This is where you start to understand the locals’ knowledge of the city and enjoy what it has to offer. The fact of that matter is that Surabaya is full of small enclaves and culture that you may not be expecting to see. Right alongside busy streets, you’ll encounter intriguing sculpture and other monuments documenting the city’s heroic past.

2. Investment Potential

Major news outlets rank Surabaya as an excellent locale for investment. In fact, Emirates247.com names it as one of the top five cities in Asia for potentially expanding real estate market, citing the economic growth of just over seven percent and improved transportation infrastructures in the city proper. However, you don’t have to scour individual listings on independent real estate sites or go the old-fashioned route with a newspaper to find a home in the city. Finding homes for sale in Surabaya is as simple as logging onto a real estate portal, Rumah being one of the most popular. Whether you’re searching purely for a lucrative investment opportunity or your next home, this is the place to be in Indonesia.

3. Discoveries at Every Turn

Lonely Planet acknowledges that, while the city isn’t particularly hospitable to tourism since it’s very business and industry-oriented, some of the most intriguing areas can be found if you look hard enough. For example, diverse cultural districts are waiting to experienced, such as the historic Arab quarter, a sizable Chinatown, and architectural Dutch masterpieces. Surabaya is a hodge-podge of different cultures and history that takes some navigating, but once you’re there, it’s a treasure trove of discovery. Whether you’re interested in the historical aspect or the shopping opportunities, this city has something for everyone.

4. Dependable Real Estate Agents

Given that the real estate industry in Indonesia has truly picked up pace in the past few years, particularly due to a growing middle class and increasing wealth, it’s easier than ever to find a reliable real estate agent. This is especially true when it comes to larger, urban areas like Surabaya where there are many sophisticated buyers looking for the right property. This is the best route to go when you’re on a home hunt, since there are certain details that a real estate expert will know about the market that you may not. However, you should be careful while picking one. According to Treeangle, one trait to look for in a reliable, trustworthy real estate agent is someone who takes notes, listens attentively during conversations about your needs, and asks pertinent questions. Keep an eye out for this. However, once you find a good representative, you’re more likely to find the type of home you really want.

5. Safety and Security

You can’t beat safety when it comes to living in a city, and that’s one of Surabaya’s strengths. According to Oxford Business Group, the mayor of Surabaya has stated that it’s been ranked as one of the world’s top ten safest cities. One of the biggest drawbacks with urban and even suburban areas of large cities is the crime factor. However, due to the fact that Surabaya has been cleaned up in recent years and there are far less homeless individuals, crime has plummeted substantially. If you’re looking for a place to not only feel secure yourself, but also raise a family, this city is definitely a good choice. Safety should always be one of the most important priorities when you’re trying to move your family to somewhere that will provide a high quality of living.

Surabaya is one of the most desirable places to invest in real estate today, and the attraction is only growing. Now is the time to take advantage when prices are still affordable and you can find your dream home. Not only will you have a good selection of different properties, but you’ll also be making a good investment for your future if you’re living near a large city that has job opportunities. As the Asian economy continues to recover, there’s never been a better time to go after a Surabaya home than now.

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