Top 5 Considerations for Businesses Seeking Commercial Pest Control

Every business needs to be aware of the regulations and considerations that have to be applied in order to run their business safely. Whether it’s ensuring that you have the correct insurance or adhering to certain guidelines for service, you have to follow the rules in order to operate. One area where it’s vital to be vigilant is in the area of pest control.

Commercial pest control service

When it comes to commercial pest policies, most industries rightfully endorse a zero-tolerance policy which has to be adhered to. The problem is, most commercial sectors are at risk of developing a pest infestation due to the presence of food and water in certain work and storage areas. There are higher humidity levels and temperature indoors as compared to outdoors as well, and these factors combined make for ideal conditions for pests.

If and when a pest problem occurs, and you have tried all traditional methods, you need to be aware of what to consider. To help, we’ve compiled a list of the top things to consider for businesses who are seeking commercial pest control, as well as some problem areas to be aware of in your office or premises.

Top things to consider for businesses seeking commercial pest control

  1. Reputation. This is an important thing to consider first and foremost, as it is usually a very good indicator of how well they operate within your local community. People only recommend a company if they have had a good experience with them, so read reviews online and check out their history. You need to know that the contractor you hire is insured and licensed with the necessary qualifications to ensure that the service you receive is professional.
  2. Experience. Find out how long the company you’re considering hiring has been operating. An experienced company is going to be able to solve your pest problems easily and quickly. Longevity with a company is a good indicator that they continue to provide a great service – otherwise how would they stay afloat financially?
  3. Reviews and references. While this comes under reputation in a way, it’s also important to check on a company’s worth by reading reviews, independent of people that you know. Go back a little in time and you’ll see some review from the lifespan of the company. It gives you an idea of how they operate.
  4. Quotes. A reputable pest control company in your area is going to be happy to give you a quote for their services based on what they think it will cost. A great pest control company is also going to be able to do this quickly and efficiently, as they’ll have plenty of experience in quoting and performing pest control services.
  5. Time Frame. It’s all very well and good to get a great quote from a reputable pest control provider and to be happy with the process so far, but if the soonest they can do the work is in two weeks and you need it done as soon as possible, it’s not going to work! It’s important to know how long things will take as well, as you want minimum disruption to your business for maximum productivity.

Things to watch for

You need to be vigilant when you’re operating a business, and these are some things to watch for in your premises.

  • Cracks and holes
  • Leaks
  • Drainage system – clean and well maintained
  • Garbage disposal – system in place and cleanliness maintained
  • Kitchen – clean and well maintained

No matter what, you need to ensure that you’re vigilant and thorough in your checks of your premises, and that you call a reputable pest control service as and when you require them. It will pay off in the long run.

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