How Coupons Work for Small Businesses

Whether you are a small business that is just getting started, or you’ve been around the community for a little while, getting people in the door to buy your product or service can be a tricky thing. It’s important to spend money to make money, but when you have tight finances and your product is already costing you a good chunk of your budget, how to you make money?

Using coupons for shopping

You’ve tried to run specials before as well as get coupons out, but your success rates have been low and not many people even knew you were running a special. You not only wasted valuable advertising money, you also wasted time and effort, and the people who did take advantage of your coupons or specials didn’t make up for the cost of putting those specials on.

Let’s talk about how coupons work for small businesses, and the steps you can be taking to make sure that the coupons and specials you are offering are taken advantage of by the public, as well as serving their purpose and making you money.

Why Coupons Are Important

Coupons are important because they they bring traffic into your store. If you are a physical store that doesn’t offer online shopping capabilities, you need to consider rethinking your plan. Though this is slightly off-topic, by not making your business available online, you are essentially limiting your target audience by billions of people.

With this being said, coupon codes, especially online, draw people to your website or store. It’s important to be wise in the way you distribute and market your coupons to ensure that you capitalize on the maximum amount of exposure to ramp up your traffic and sales.

In order to market coupons wisely, consider distributing through partners. This includes coupon based sites, or general market agencies that specialize in this kind of thing. By connecting with the outside world and not just keeping everything in house, you’ll be much more apt to grow your commercial audience and therefore, your sales.

Ways to Maximize Coupon Codes

According to an article by Scott Gerber on, entitled “13 Strategic Ways Businesses Can Use Coupon Codes,” coupons are not as simple as they seem to be. Sometimes offering a coupon code isn’t going to ensure that the customers are brought in.

The smart business owner not only uses coupon codes to bring in traffic, they also strategize other ways these codes can be working for them in the long and short run. This includes anything from tracking sales through certain search engines and limiting the amount of coupon codes available to shoppers.

Smart business owners understand competition and scarcity and do everything to ensure that their business will grow in the most competitive of markets.


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