How NOT to Ruin a Corporate Event With your Music Choices

Getting the music wrong at your corporate event is not what you, as the organiser, want to be remembered for. There are many pitfalls and obstacles to consider but by taking three key areas of consideration at the basis for your decision, you can avoid even a slight disaster.

Screaming and angry rocker at corporate event

Think about the guests

Before you do anything else it is important to think about who is coming to your event. That way you know whether the music your choice has to be appropriate to your corporate identity, or instead reflect the type of event and its attendees.

If you’re launching a product or out to impress new clients, make sure the band suits the brand. A young, trendy startup might want to play the latest indie music, but a long-standing corporation may opt for a more traditional or classical soundtrack.

Corporate events, when your business is hosting to foster networking connections or associates, needs to reflect your brand. In the same way that your house colours, website and social media voice reflects your brand, so should your music choice. This applies to a band, DJ or custom playlist.

For internal business events, such as Christmas parties or celebrations perhaps with family and friends of staff in attendance, you can make a more relaxed choice when it comes to music. You can’t cater to everyone’s taste but once you’ve narrowed down some options, find a few team members to weigh in and advise.

Think about the budget

The budget you have to play with will make a big difference to the musical options you have.

If money isn’t too limited, you’ll be able to book a live music for your event. Even with a significant but not huge budget, you’ll be able to hire a live band or singer from a local agency Use the expertise of music management agencies, such as Mango Music, for their curated list of artists. Not only have they done the leg work vetting musicians, they can advise on set prices to help you determine what live music you can afford.

A limited budget means that playing recorded music over a PA might be a better, more affordable, option. Streaming services like Spotify offer Collaborative Playlists to let multiple people work together to create track lists. At a low budget, employees only party, creating a group playlist with a bit of something for everyone is easy as you can ask people to add tracks before hand.

Think about the venue

Venue choice is a significant one when you’re considering your music choices. As much as the event decor, food and beverage choices have an impact on the overall atmosphere of an event, so the venue choice should influence, but not dictate, your musical choices.

The type of venue for your corporate event can vary widely. From semi-informal locations, for staff appreciation dinners or buffet style networking events, at public houses or hotel bars, to more professional settings, like conference venues and stately homes.

If you are being asked to provide music for an event, you can assume the venue has some built in capabilities such as sound systems. However, if you are considering live music, it’s worth checking on noise restrictions: time of day/night, volume levels.

Choose music that will suit the setting. A rock or folk band, acoustic singer or upbeat playlist will also create a laid back yet joyful atmosphere in a pub. But it could come across as a bit square peg in round hole at an eco-friendly conference venue. In a more formal setting, perhaps in the countryside or where there is a traditional decor, choose like musicians and vocalists. Equally, avoid operatic singers and concert pianists at laid back events and as it could strike guest as pretentious or dull – the exact opposite of the atmosphere you’ll be trying to create.


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