3 Tips for Using Proposals to Increase your Sales

Depending on the type of business you have, implementing proposals into your sales strategy could be a great way for you to boost your numbers and find more sales success. However, you’ve got to have great proposals in order to find the maximum amount of impact by using this tactic. And while some may think creating a proposal to be an easy task, nothing could be further from the truth.

Deal on a business proposal

So to help those thinking about increasing their sales using proposals, here are three tips for finding the most success.

Edit Yourself

From a sales standpoint, it’s often hard to edit all the information you want to use in order to persuade someone into completing a sale. But with proposals, there’s really more to editing yourself than over selling.

According to Jennifer Riggins, a contributor to QuoteRoller.com, you should try to limit each section of your proposals to no more than one page in order to keep the attention of your prospect effectively. This tactic will help your prospect to get the main points of your proposal without requiring them to do too much work that may turn them off from what the proposal is actually trying to say. If you have longer sections in your current proposals, consider editing what you can to make them shorter and more succinct.

Show Your Value

For some, it can be difficult to show the true value of working with your company in just a few pages of a proposal. But if you are trying to convert a client that’s weighing their options, this is a challenge you have to face. To give yourself the best chance, it’s vital that you show your value in your proposal.

To help with this, Amanda Wilson, a contributor to QVidian.com, recommends for you to ensure that your proposal shares a clear and compelling story. Without this, your prospect likely won’t find your company valuable enough to work with. If you can’t find something compelling in the proposal, the prospect likely can’t either, so make sure this is a focus of your proposal

Use Images and Graphics Wisely

Images and graphics can really take your proposal to the next level. However, there are good and bad ways to implement images. According to Reuben Swartz, a contributor to Mimiran.com, graphics are a good idea if they can be used to simplify complex processes or give your proposal a personal touch. On the other hand, if your images or graphics are distracting, disconnected or confusing, they may do more harm than good for your sales.

If you’re able to give your proposals the time and attention they need to show your value, give just enough information and use graphics wisely, you may be able to see your sales numbers rise about what you ever thought possible. Use the tips above to help get your company there today.


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