Managing Business Across the Globe using Netsuite Oneworld

Managing ecommerce portals located across the globe is really challenging these days. The integrated platform that offers to your business flexible intuitive solutions is Netsuite Oneworld. It is one such platforms that helps you to get cost effective solutions related to organizations dispersed across the globe.

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So, what are the upsides of Netsuite Oneworld?

1. Flexibile

From designing the web, managing the content, taking care of the inventory, pricing of the products, everything can be very well managed by the o. The best point about the platform is its flexibility. The mobility in terms of multi-language, multi-currency, multi-product web stores and multi country facility can be good enough to manage ecommerce businesses from any corner of the globe. The applications are designed in such a way, that anybody can use it without having any kind of skills in programming.

Managing customizable business processes pricing, payments, invoicing and billing is very well handled by this kind of platform. The customizable processes are set up to the needs of every single client. The transactions that take place through multiple channels improve the performance of the enterprise and also increase the sales.

2. Internationalized

The platform is easily adaptable for international customers and it links the websites in languages and currencies according to your customer base. Providing valuable insights of the accounts, inventory, tax requirements product and services, Netsuite Oneworld is really helpful if your business is spread across the globe.

Managing a multinational sales organization that involves several languages and currencies is really difficult these days. Global Customer Relationship Management is very well handled. Getting insights of leads and campaigns, sales forecast, partners, customer issues is very well handled by the platform.

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3. Legally compliant

Adjusting the legal complications, differences in currency and taxation is really difficult for most of the ecommerce portals. This is very well managed by the Netsuite Oneworld. The complex tax compliances, financial and accounting regulations and consolidation of the entire business are well taken care of.

4. Real time

Netsuite Oneworld combined with integrate business management platform helps you to get a real time visibility of your ecommerce portals. Different sorts of marketing promotions, pricing, discounts, deals along with varied payment method options are available for the convenience of the customers.

Placing the order, reviewing it, asking and answering questions with respect to the order are some of the customer self service features provided by the platform. The real time visibility across the entire enterprise and providing access to business, customer and financial data are one of the main benefits of using this platform.


If you are worried regarding management or your ecommerce portal across the globe, this is a reliable platform that can help you to get proper guidance regarding managing your enterprise seamlessly. The features of this platform are specifically added to enhance the business and generate greater amount of revenue. The unified platform helps one to go for the integrity of the business with the help of new and existing websites.

Most of the renowned portals are already taking the help of this platform and manage their business globally without any hassle. The flexibility and the mobility of this platform combined with the automated processes makes it really popular among the ecommerce business owners across the globe.


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