Mis-sold a PPI Policy? Rush To Claim What’s Yours – It’s Your Money!

Sometimes the technicalities that take place within the banking sector are quite long winded and sometimes could be very tiring so that you lose interest in the whole thing. This also holds true when it comes to claiming on your insurance, such as getting mis-sold payment protection insurance (PPI) refund.

Getting mis-sold PPI refund

When you have a PPI policy, chances are, you’re not eligible to claim on, especially when you’re self-employed.  If that’s the case, you’re not alone.  In fact, there are at least two million people in the UK who have the same fate as yours: You’ve been mis-sold a PPI policy.  In other words, your PPI policy is useless in your circumstances.

However, that shouldn’t be the norm.  Fortunately, help is available – if you spend enough time to search for them.

What happen to your unclaimed money?

Your unclaimed money will stay with your banks – as theirs.  If you think that they will return your money, think again.  The 2012 data shows that although banks have paid out GBP 2 billion, GBP 5.7 billion are still unclaimed.

How to get the mis-sold PPI refund?

So, how to claim your money? Unlike what many assume, it’s pretty straightforward: Ask for your money. It’s yours, anyway.  Here are a couple of tips for you:

1. Never do it alone!

If you think that you can claim the money all by yourself without the assistance of a service provider, then think again.

As it has been proved time and again and by the testimonials given by happy clients of the firm, the specialist’s service goes a long way. It involves knowledge not just about finance or insurance but also of laws, rules and regulations which can help them pinpoint the problem and strike it right there so that the process is made easy for you.

When you want to do it all by yourself, you have to deal with several people in the middle, and since you are doing it for the first time, it will take a enormous duration of time before you understand it initially. Furthermore, it will involve shelling out huge sums of money and also the effort that goes into it will frustrate you to no end. So, take the help of the specialist.

There are many service providers who are specialists in this area of financial services. They can help you solving your claim issues so that the it’s done easily and without all the stress and frustration. One such service provider that has become very well sought after and who is an expert in the area, such as  http://www.freeppicalculator.co.uk/, can be found online and is easy to make contact with.

2. Know every detail

If you have any payment protection insurance to claim from the said bank, you have to gather knowledge of all the functions that take place around this area of law. Unfortunately, this is something that many of us can’t do – this is partly the reason why there are so many mis-sold PPI unclaimed.

In that case, asking for the help of a service provider is the right move that you can take.  Here’s why: The service provider has been successfully dealing with many different clients whose cases vary and they have gained the know-how by doing this for a long time.


When you are in a quandary and have no idea what to do next, consult with the right mis-sold PPI claim services so that you will get the right way on how to get your mis-sold PPI refund.

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