Handling Tech Issues with Online Conferencing

The way modern business is conducted is changing quickly, and it is important not to be left behind. Rapidly evolving technology is giving us the chance to do more than we ever thought possible, both in and out of the office.

Online conferencing for IT tech support

With greater convenience and ease of communication, expectations rise on behalf of both clients and colleagues. Everyone is expected to be connected at all times, and when something goes wrong, it can feel like the sky is falling.

With so many ways to stay in touch and keep on top of things, there is no reason a company needs to be left in the lurch though. Now critical data is often stored on far-off servers so that it can be transported anywhere, but that carries some risk.

If a connection to the server is lost at a critical time, someone’s e-mail goes down, or files can’t be located, it is important to have a way to get in touch with IT and fix things as soon as possible. A phone call or an e-mail may not be enough to handle a major disturbance in the day, which is where services like conference calls for IT by industry leaders such as Blue Jeans can come in. The IT team within a given company can speak to a lot of people at once and get started on a solution that gets everyone back up to speed as quickly as possible.

Working Together with Technology for Faster Problem-Solving

Lunarpages notes that using software like this allows multiple people to collaborate on the same documents and applications at once, making it easier to work on something affecting multiple accounts in a company. This interaction can happen promptly and even while employees are traveling. Being able to share screens, documents, as well as being able to hear and see multiple people at the same time can clarify what the issue is so that no one is slowed down.

The instant connection can be achieved for a one-on-one virtual chat and work session, or for a company-wide meeting to discuss a particular software issue.

The Use of Conferencing to Train and Strengthen a Team

The Wall Street Journal points out how useful online conferencing can be for problem-solving, giving presenters a chance to interact with many far-flung participants during a troubleshooting session. This software can also be helpful for training purposes, with records being automatically kept in the cloud to access easily at a later date.

Recurring issues don’t need to continue to be addressed if IT people are able to go back to verify how something was solved precisely last time, and it’s also a good opportunity to train employees on how to best utilize their own tools. It is a great time-saving measure to connect everyone on a variety of devices to learn a new program together instead of arranging for in-person meetings or specialized training sessions. Even if someone needs more help later, it isn’t an issue to start an online conference on any mobile device and get in instant contact with an IT professional who can see what they’re working with and guide them along.

That is the benefit of this sort of software – it is designed to function well for a large group, but it can easily be adapted to handle parties of any size. The personal feeling of popping into someone’s office is preserved, but with none of the hassle. That means the IT department doesn’t necessarily need to be on site, allowing for more work-life balance for everyone at a given company.

Happier employees with properly functioning software and hardware are more productive.


Everyone relies on their technology to be in prime working order in the business world, so having a great IT team is essential. It is also important that they have the tools to succeed, and are able to help at a moment’s notice.

Online conferencing can make it much easier to handle issues as they arise, and knowing that help can be reached at any time will put the entire company’s mind at ease. It is also a great tool to utilize for training and getting the entire company up to speed on new practices, while being easy enough for a novice to jump in without issue.

Not everyone in a company will be as tech-savvy as the boss or IT person would like, so making it easier to teach or just clean up glitches is a huge boon to a growing business. There is no reason to waste time wondering where lost files landed, and there is also no need to be taking notes during a standard troubleshooting session.

Having technology that can handle these basics for the IT person as they do their tasks can free them up to do the more important tasks that require a human touch – like getting someone to remember their dog’s maiden name to find their password.


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