6 Elements of a Perfect Work Environment

Happy people are better workers.

According to one study, happy people are 12% more productive at work. Happiness is a key to your well-being at work as it affects your working performance, and you start working better not harder.

Clean workspace makes employee happy

Here’s the kicker:

It is more important for people to work in a good work environment than love what they do.

A perfect work environment is not just about getting salary on time. It’s also about feeling good about coming to work as you get the recognition, support, understanding, and motivation from your boss and colleagues.
All in all, it’s the best way for employees to set business goals and move toward achieving them with great ambitious. Therefore, it’s a step toward growing your business.

For some reasons, if you run a small business, and your staff is not so huge in the number of employees, it’s easier for you to create a perfect work environment that will motivate your colleagues to achieve business goals.

Any proof needed?

Well, there are at least two of them:

  • You don’t need to invest much
  • You can listen to everyone

If you start thinking about giving it a try, read more about six elements of a perfect work environment.

Work environment elements

Comfort First

Believe it or not, office design affects productivity. To establish a productive office environment, you need to pay attention to the following elements:

  • Organize your office work zone. While planning an office design, think about creating different zones for work, meetings & conferences, pauses, etc.
  • Paint walls the right color. According to the psychology of color, you can boost inspiration and productivity with natural restful colors like green or blue.
  • Set up the right lighting. It’s better to use the source of the daylight, but it’s also important to set up artificial lighting that won’t harm your eyesight. For example, a table lamp should have 4000 Kelvin light.
  • Keep an optimal office temperature. Although a proper temperature level is individual for every person, one research shows that the temperature of 77 degrees Fahrenheit (or 25C) helps to be 98% productive.
  • Provide all important stuff. If you want to be a good boss, think about your employees’ needs. Provide them with all stuff they might need while working: a good workplace, pens and pencils, a notebook, stickers, etc.

Knowing that your workplace boosts inspiration and keeps you motivated is important for every employee. Thus, organize a comfortable office to help them enjoy the working process.

Positive Reinforcement

No matter what your employee position is, he craves recognition. The need for recognition is one of the most important things all workers want when it comes to the evaluation of their work. If you want to motivate your coworkers to work better, organize a positive reinforcement.

  • Create bonus systems. It can be either money bonuses or art tickets, but you need to give something for their hard work. It’s like a material ‘thank’ to show the value of their contribution.
  • Remember to say thank. Words mean a lot. Although it seems to be an easy thing to do, there are just a few of bosses who remember to thank their employees.
  • Praise employees. Sometimes it is hard to achieve success without motivation. If you see how much effort your employee makes to achieve a goal, praise him.
  • Give rewards. It can be a title or a diploma. Don’t forget to mention the person’s name and the reason for giving this reward.

Positive reinforcement encourages good behavior and gives a sense of worth.

Team Building

Everyone wants to be a part of a good team. Although team building depends on every member of the team, CEO is a leader who gives the right direction for the whole group. Here are some ways how to make your team stronger:

  • Organize corporate events. Let every member of your company meet each other, communicate, and share their achievements. People tend to work better when they feel great in a team.
  • Give feedback. Although some employees are afraid of hearing a feedback, it gives them an opportunity to work on their failures and struggle for better.
  • Help your workers solve problems. Being a part of a team means sharing both achievements and failures. If your colleague has a problem, don’t hesitate to offer an advice or help.

Build a better team, motivate your workers, and grow together.

Respect Your Workers

Do you know the difference between a boss and leader? A good leader puts his employees first. The relations between a leader and workers is based on respect. Therefore, people feel great.

  • Listen to them. Every employee is an individual with preferences and desires. If you remember all your staff requests, they will never forget you.
  • Respect their private life. That’s normal if you want your employees to achieve company goals, but never ask them to sacrifice their personal life. Thus, there should be no overtime work without their approval.
  • Don’t set strict rules. The working process has changed over the last few decades. There is no white and blue collars anymore; people can express themselves the way they want, and you’d better do not set strict rules about their dress code at work.

Respect is the key to understanding.

Possibilities for Self-development

If you want your business to grow, you need to hire professional and ambitious people who put self-development first. Your employees can give an ultimate boost for the company if they want to get knowledge, master skills, and become better daily. And it is you who should encourage them.

  • Set personal goals. Give your workers slightly difficult tasks that might be challenging for them in order to boost brain functions and develop some skills.
  • Visit seminars, conferences, and events. People can hone skills while sharing their experience, so don’t miss a chance to visit educational master classes with your colleagues.
  • Provide employees with the list of up-to-date MOOCs. If your employees want to grow in different niches, that’s great! You never know what niche is yours until you try, so give them an opportunity to give it a try. Moreover, the number of online courses is growing rapidly, and everyone can find something interesting for him.

Self-development is a core task. It shows ambitious and helps to become a better person.

Take Care of Your Employees

One of the most successful entrepreneurs, Richard Branson, said: “If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your customers”.
It’s the next step toward creating a perfect working environment.

  • Offer healthy nutrition. Most companies provide employees with snacks and beverages. If you want to help your workers stay healthy and inspired, give healthy nutrition. Fresh fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins, so you can offer them.
  • Organize corporate sports activities. Going in for sports is not just about being fond of sport. It’s also about improving health, preventing health problems, and…reducing stress at work!
  • Add comfort to their workplaces. Don’t try to save money on your employees. Buy ergonomic office chairs that have arm rests and support the lower back to prevent back pain. Moreover, you can help them adjust proper screen brightness which is also good for health.

People are dreaming about a careful and attentive boss. If they feel your support and care, they would do their best in order to work better.

Wrapping it Up

Your business growth depends on your employees working performance. If you want to run a lucrative business that is growing, think about your coworkers to make them want to be a part of the company, put its needs first, and keep achieving goals. Creating a perfect working environment is the number one task for all CEOs, and you should remember that you’re a leader who helps other become better.


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