Taking your Business Online? What You Need to Consider

If you’ve finally made the decision to take your business online, then you’re doing the right thing. Today technology dominates our lives and more and more people head to websites and apps to purchase items or use different services – so if you’re not tapping into this market, you’re missing out.

Online business presence

There are a few things though that you should consider first before you put your sites and apps live. To help point you in the right direction then, in this post you can find out a few useful steps to take.

Usability of your Website

Your website will be the focal point of your online presence and as such it should be easy to navigate, be clear, styled appropriately for your business and not slow to load. There are template websites you can use to build yours, but if you feel you lack the necessary skills you should invest in a competent web designer to make your website for you.

Your Social Media

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are great free marketing tools that you can use to increase visibility of your site. Set up profiles for your business on these and post about the offers and deals you have available – remember to link back to your targeted pages.

The Quality of your Content

Speaking of these pages, the content on your website also needs to be informative and easy to understand.

Not only that, but your content also needs to be free from grammatical and factual errors. Any errors or irrelevant material will reflect badly on your business’ image, making your setup seem unprofessional.

Usability of your Apps

Hotel app

Along with your website and your content, any apps you launch must be thoroughly tested to ensure they are fit for purpose. Again, if these don’t work properly or don’t fulfil their purpose effectively it will again be damaging for your company profile.

Getting yourself Found

SEO is the magic word in the online world.  The idea of getting your web pages found when your potential clients look for something on Google, Bing and other search engines is so captivating business owners, in such a way that they invest so much on SEO and forget that SEO is just a part of online marketing.  Content marketing, social media marketing, referral marketing – these are parts of your online marketing playbook.  Focusing on them collectively can take your business closer to your prospects.

The Impact

A final tip for you is to regularly check how your customers are responding to your online presence, whether it’s through your volume of sales or simply the feedback you receive. The smart move is to be adaptable and change anything you think isn’t working, or that your clients highlight as an issue.

Do A/B testing, as it’s proven to be effective in measuring the impact of your online promotion.  From wordings to web element placements, tweaking your website and test several versions of it via A/B testing can help you boost your conversion rate.


As aforementioned, the online markets are huge and something you should be making the most of, but having a decent website and/or in place is essential. Take on board this advice and make sure you are totally prepared for providing users with only the best experience.


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