Should A Small Business Outsource Their Digital Marketing?

While it might seem like the best way to handle a digital marketing campaign is through an in-house team already integrated into your business, this method is actually more limiting and often less successful. In an ever-evolving world of technology developments and marketing trends, outsourcing your digital marketing to skilled experts is becoming a more practical idea.

small business marketing outsourcing

If you are thinking about outsourcing your digital marketing to help grow your business, a few reasons that it might be a good choice include:

1. Outsourcing Provides Access To Highly Skilled Talent

You will gain access to an entire team of high-quality, skilled marketers. – There are a lot of different areas involved in marketing. From graphic design to app building to social media campaigning, each of these facets of marketing requires individualized knowledge areas and skill sets, and most marketers are not experts in all the areas. This means that you will likely need a team of professionals, each managing a different portion of your business’ marketing strategy.

You could hire an in-house team, of course, but it will be difficult to assemble a team of the best and brightest professionals with world-class expertise to work for your business and only your business. In fact, you may only be able to afford one or two marketers with specialized talents that may not cover all of the advertising skills that you need.

If you outsource your digital marketing, you have the opportunity to find the best graphic designer, the best content creator and the best website manager for your needs. Most of these individuals will not be working together; in fact, they may not even be in the same region of the world at the same time. However, they could all be working for you on the same project, and you have the benefit of their education, skill and expertise.

2. Cost Savings By Outsourcing

You will save money overall. – Because they are experts in their fields, these marketers may charge a heavy fee for their services. Even with these charges for the expert advice and the work of the outsourced marketers, hiring outside your business will save money for you and your company overall.

When you outsource, you will not being paying for the healthcare or vacation time for in-house employees, and you will save money by not covering education costs for an in-house staff to learn about the latest technologies or trends in a constantly changing market. You will not need to buy the computers, software or other digital equipment that an in-house team would need in order to create graphics or to maintain your web presence. These are all expenses that would have added up quickly but can be avoided by outsourcing your digital marketing.

3. Outsource Marketing To Focus On Your Business

You will have more time and energy to focus on your own business. – Your business is not digital marketing, and your employees are not digital marketers. If you try to keep everything in-house, that team will undoubtedly get other members of your staff involved in the marketing process. Your staff does not know how to market, and their efforts to assist are merely extraneous and time-consuming. If some sort of issue comes up elsewhere in the company, your in-house team may get distracted and focus on the wrong issues, putting your marketing at risk. You can avoid this waste of your employees’ time and energy by outsourcing your marketing.

Most small business owners think they can do-it-all but often it is better to concentrate on generating income rather than daily marketing tasks. Professional marketers can complete their work much more efficiently and with higher returns than those who are untrained and inexperienced. When you outsource to expert marketers, you are gaining quality work without disturbing the focus of your other employees. You keep the focus on your business, doing what you and your company do best, and you do not stray into the unrelated area of digital marketing.

If you are facing the decision of whether or not to outsource or to keep your digital marketing in house, think about your budget and resources. If your assets and your employees’ time would be better spent focusing on your business, consider outsourcing your digital marketing to experts who will be effective and efficient.


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