Advantages of Home Drug Testing

There are several reasons why a person would opt to use a home drug testing kit instead of going to a lab for testing. Some of them might have tried a puff or two – or even a whole pipe of weed and wanted to know the result before getting sent to the lab by a potential employer, while others just wanted to see if one of their family members has a substance abuse problem.

Home drug testing kit

Not only for home use, a business can also use a home drug testing kit for convenience and ‘localize’ the drug abuse issues with new and existing employees.

It could be wise to say that it is easier for a person to use the home kits to determine the “what ifs” of drug abuse – one is to keep the person safe, and two; it retains the sanity of the household or office intact.

Testing someone or yourself for drugs isn’t easy because drug use in hindsight is a controversy that is heavily taken by society. Say, you want to know if your child is smoking a blunt but letting him or her take a drug test outside of your home can cause a riff. The same goes to you; if your company requires you to take it and you know that you will fail; it’s going to be a problem.

So here it comes, how can home drug testing kit help you? You might have understood a little of it as mentioned above but here are other advantages you should know of.

Fast results

No more waiting in line to get the results; you can have it on the palm of your hands within minutes. Most products come with instructions so you shouldn’t have to worry about the “how tos-” for this mechanism.

What’s good with home drug testing kits? You don’t need to take your sample and bring it to the lab. All you have to do is stay at home or office and take it, period. You can sit back and do your work or chores for a few minutes after you take the test.


It comes in packs which means that even though you have 5 items in your hands, it’s still cheap. There are manufacturers that offer more than what the usual kits have, such as; tablets and detox. So if results say that you’re positive with drugs, then you can detoxify yourself and take the test again.

Same for those families that are testing out as they can find drug test in centres is downright expensive. A home drug testing kit is a safe thing for the pockets.


Convenience is something that centres do not offer. Why? Think about it: first, you come in and you do not know what you’re doing, who to talk to, and what to do. Not to mention that there’s going to be a lot of people falling in line and waiting for their turn. But you just need to take it which is something that you wouldn’t want to happen in your regular day especially if you have other things to do. But if you use the kit, then you wouldn’t have to experience this. Remember, this is something that you can do alone, in your own house and at your convenient your time.

Protects privacy

When taking a drug test, there will be mixed feelings whether you pass it or not. Taking it in a drug testing lab allows the people who administered the test to know what you have in your system. Just imagine if your results are not the one you’re expecting. What would you do? With your drug testing kits, you can control who gets to the results first and of course, that would be you and/or your employer.

Ultimately, using a home drug testing kit is the safest and the most positive thing to do. But before you administer one to yourself or someone in your company, always make it a point to be read and follow the instructions carefully.


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