From Supply Closets to Multi-Facility Warehouses: Today’s Top SMB Inventory Management Solutions

Tracking inventory is essential in many small businesses, especially if you run a retail business. But there is much more involved in inventory management than simply tracking your products.

Inventory management

You also have to manage the pricing, the timing, the quantity of your orders, the best time for restocking particular products, the costs of your storage, and a lot more. A good understanding of your inventory is essential, and you must know how to manage it effectively.

Inventory management solutions give you much more control over your inventory, and they help to make this aspect of your business much easier for you, freeing your time up to focus on other tasks.

These days, there are more solutions than ever that utilize the latest technology to make your life even simpler. Here are some of the main solutions that you may be interested in for your small business.

Cloud Solutions

The cloud provides the best option for many small businesses these days when it comes to inventory management. There are many benefits of the cloud, including the fact that cloud-based software is powerful and it allows you track and control your inventory from anywhere, making it an excellent investment.

There are a number of benefits of cloud solutions that make them particularly convenient. One of these is that they are highly scalable. A cloud solution can grow with your business, and you can often simply upgrade your plan when you require extra features.

There is no need to invest in expensive hardware, and as your inventory grows and becomes more diverse, or perhaps you open a new store or two, you can add on the features you need to manage your inventory with ease.

Another benefit is that cloud software will often sync with other software products that you use, making it even more useful. You might use other online products like accounting software, analytics tools, reporting tools, and more, and having an inventory management system that works together with these can make your life a lot easier.

For example, is a solution that integrates with widely used products platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, QuickBooks, and others, simplifying a lot of the process for you. So whether you need to order stock, receive stock, track your items, integrate with your accounts, or anything else, you can harness the power of a single inventory management system.

Your data is also up-to-date in the cloud, and you can get information in real time when you need it.

And because you can access it from anywhere, you don’t need to be at your computer at all times. Instead, you can access your important data anywhere you are connected to the internet, providing you with much more flexibility to travel. You could even receive notifications on the go, and you could re-order products wherever you are.

Multi-Facility Warehouses

As well as the opportunities now provided by inventory management solutions in the cloud, you also have many other solutions that make your life easier when managing your stock.

For example, multi-facility warehouses can often be ideal for smaller businesses. These flexible warehouse solutions provide both short-term and long-term options so you can share the cost with other businesses, and they are a fantastic solution if you don’t want a whole warehouse.

They can also be ideal if you rely on seasonal sales or the level of demand is uncertain for your products. You will get to enjoy all the benefits of a warehouse without the costs, and you just pay for the space you use.

In addition, you can get additional space when you need it, such as if your business grows and you need more room for stock. And you can take advantage of other features like IT systems, management staff, and more. You may even be able to take advantage of specialized storage for food or dangerous goods.

Barcoding Systems

Another thing you may want to take advantage of is barcoding technology, which has many benefits for businesses. This has advanced a long way in recent years, and now many businesses can use it no matter how small they are.

All you need is the printing equipment and a barcode scanner, and you can take advantage of all the benefits of barcodes.

Modern systems are fast and efficient as well as being affordable. They are very useful for inventory control, and they will often integrate with your inventory management solution.

Take Advantage of Inventory Management Solutions

There are many modern solutions for small businesses that make managing inventory easier than ever. So take advantage of the solutions available, and spend less time and effort managing your inventory, and more time on other important tasks.


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