3 Tips for Picking a Theme For Your Ecommerce Website

For an ecommerce website, there are a lot more moving pieces to worry about logistically than with just a basic website. One of these components is that of the functionality of the business-end of your site. Without properly promoting your business and allowing for products or services to be purchased, your ecommerce website really isn’t fulfilling its purpose.

Fashion ecommerce site design

So to help you ensure that your ecommerce website can do exactly what your business needs, here are three tips for picking the right theme for your website to prosper.

Choose Functionality Over Flash

Although having a good looking website is important for marketing and branding purposes, if your visitors can’t use your website for their desired purpose, the look and feel of the site is really a moot point. For this reason, Vivek R., a contributor to WPStuffs.com, recommends choosing functionality over flash when it comes to the design of your site’s theme. By using a simple yet effective theme, your visitors will be able to find and use every aspect of your website without feeling overwhelming or confused. And remember, just because something is functional doesn’t mean it has to be frumpy.

A Few Must-Have Qualities

Different ecommerce themes are going to have different quality and functions. And depending on the type of business you’re running, you may or may not need all the functions available in many themes. However, there are some basic qualities that any business should look for in a good ecommerce theme.

Alex, a contributor to Ecommerce Platforms, suggests only considering themes that have responsive design, are socially enabled, and are lightweight in their integration. With a theme containing all of these characteristics, it will be much easier for you to use it to meet the needs of your specific business website.

Get The Support You Need

Even the most carefully selected theme can present issues during the course of its use. Because this is a reality of online business, it’s important that you have a plan for how to address problems that arise for your website along the way.

Ruben Ugarte, a contributor to EcommerceInsiders.com, advises businesses to always try to pick a theme that allows you access to reliable technical support. Some indicators of this are if the theme is frequently updated or if you have found reviews mentioning the use of technical support in a positive manner.


Your website is the life of your business when you’re running or working with an ecommerce business. So to help ensure that you get the absolute most out of this business venture, consider using some of the tips mentioned above to choose the perfect ecommerce website theme for your specific online business.


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