How to Advertise on Facebook Profitably for Small Businesses? (Infographic)

As a small business, you want to generate leads and sales quickly but you don’t have a hefty marketing budget set aside every year to ‘build your brand’. Traditionally, advertising has been correlated with spending large amount of money for brand awareness, especially when TV and radio are the only broadcast mediums available. With the advent of social media, we have at our disposal, a direct marketing tool for growing our business predictably without exhausting huge budget. And that is Facebook.

Facebook app

Facebook is ideal for small businesses because its granular targeting options allows you to focus your limited budget on where it matters. While most traditional medium reaches out to the general public, Facebook allows you to target people by attributes as detailed as interests , career, life event etc. Refer to the infographic to make sure you know what Facebook has to offer and take full advantage of its capabilities.

Facebook advertising 101 - Ice Cube Marketing infographic

As a small business owner, you are probably used to doing alot of things yourself, including marketing. Rightfully so, because you know your product/service best. Afterall, you got into this business because of the belief you have in your own offerings. However, you don’t have time to learn all the facebook advertising features and copywriting tricks. This is where this infographic ‘cheatsheet’ becomes truly important for you. Incorporate power words within your copy and use images adopting best practices we have compiled for you.

Besides, you have a serious advantage in Facebook marketing that no marketers can replicate, and that is your understanding of your target audience based on your interaction with them. Heck, you could even be one of your target audience. (Talk about getting into their minds.) Use that advantage, come out with an offer that you know is irresistible for your target audience. Spend some time in brainstorming and listing down what their fears, needs and wants are. Tools listed in the infographic are there to aid you in the process. Make sure you give them a try.

While you can always outsource activities such as ebook design and copywriting to professionals, it is important that you gain a solid grasp of the strategy in attracting customers online. After all, customers are the heart of your business. Spend time in going through the infographic and planning your strategy. Facebook will reward you in ways you cannot imagine, as it did for us.

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