12 Reasons You Will Thank Your VPN in 2017



More ads.

And even more ads.

Publishers are getting smarter about finding ways to make money online, and that means you, the website user, is often the website victim.

But you don’t have to be a victim to the publishing companies. They want you information – your browsing habits, you’re buying habits, and your website usage. But you don’t have to give them that information. That’s what your VPN, or virtual privacy network, is for.  What you need to do is sign up with a VPN – don’t worry, there’s VPN with Free Trial programs so that you don’t have to invest in something you’re not sure about – and start browsing anonymously.


You can work from home securely

We all like the idea of being able to work from home. But those who do have a home office understand just how important it is to keep your business affairs protected from outside interests. Even if you don’t have your own home business, your company would not be pleased if gaps were left in technical security settings. Fortunately you can work from home securely using a good VPN.

Signing up with a VPN with Free Trial a

Keep hackers at bay

While there is very little that a dedicated hacker can’t break into with effort, a VPN offers you the best protection available without a 24-hour security team. Hiding your actual location behind a VPN makes you a very unattractive target for someone looking for a quick buck. Sadly there are much easier targets out there who don’t protect their interests well.

Improve your privacy protection

Leaving business interests aside, nobody wants to deal with malware or identity theft. Protecting your account information and contacts using a VPN means your private business stays private. The VPN throws up one more layer between you and the rest of the internet, helping build a miniature fortress of defense. Of course a big portion of your privacy protection is you making your own good choices about your passwords and being mindful of phishing emails and such.

Watch shows from outside your home country

On a lighter note, VPNs aren’t all about privacy and security. They also let you change your computers digital location for other fine perks like television shows. The Netflix and Amazon offerings in other countries are different than the ones in your own. If you are looking for greater variety in entertainment options, your VPN can definitely help you out.

Change your location for cheaper flights and online purchases

Some purchases must be shipped and the shipping costs are set by your physical location. Other prices are more fluid, however. Online downloads of software and games are determined by your physical location, but don’t rely on actually mailing you anything. The same can be said for airline seat prices. Change your location and change the price of that ticket or download. This is especially true during periods when exchange rates widen. The price of something in one country may dramatically dip as value of your currency rises in another country.

Improve downloading speed by bypassing torrent throttling

If your area is being throttled, leave it. Fortunately your VPN makes it possible to find a new location to download from without ever having to actually leave the house. At the very least your VPN gives you options on where to find the best services and the fastest downloading services. Sometimes even then you’ll have to do a bit of searching on your own to find the absolute best options.

Protect your business interests in hotels

While we’d like to think that hotels offer us some form of security, we know that in truth they are just open Wi-Fi access ports for anyone with a bit of computer sense. So rather than leaving yourself wide open when you use a hotel Wi-Fi network, hide behind your VPN and you can be at least a bit more protected while surrounded by hundreds of strangers. Your VPN can help protect your internet and computer usage, but there is not much the VPN can do to protect your wallet and jewelry.

Use public Wi-Fi safely

You don’t have to be in a hotel to be surrounded by open Wi-Fi networks with strangers ready to take a peek inside your machine and your banking practices. Any time you sign onto public Wi-Fi you’re taking a risk, of course, but a VPN offers you more protection than you’d typically have. Again, while a VPN can help significantly protect you, there is still a risk that comes from other threats in pubic locations. Always be mindful of your surroundings.

Make purchases overseas through a home country server

Want to send an item to a friend who lives in another country? It may be far less expensive to buy the item in your friend’s country and have it shipped directly to them rather than paying for international shipping from your own. You can hop into another country’s internet for shopping purposes without any trouble at all using a VPN.

Bypass censorship in countries that block access

If you find yourself in a country with a restrictive internet policy, you can easily navigate around the rules using a VPN. Just be sure to make your choices wisely in terms of your surroundings and the laws in that particular country. We certainly aren’t offering legal advice.

Surf the internet anonymously

Sometimes it’s nice to surf the internet without having to worry about annoying cookies and ads and even emails following you. Hiding your surfing habits through a VPN helps cut down on the cookies and annoying aspects of exploring the internet.

Avoid traffic shaping

Finally, some companies and even countries shape internet traffic based on physical location. To avoid being grouped in with others and having your internet throttled, you may be able to jump ship and skip the shaping by taking advantage of your VPN.

There are very serious considerations when using the internet for work on personal reasons, but a VPN doesn’t just have to be about severe consequences and safety concerns. While it’s important to protect yourself and your assets, sometimes it’s just as important to expand your Netflix options across country lines.


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