How Invoice Home Streamlines Invoicing for Online Entrepreneurs

Invoicing is one, if not the most important thing a small business owner does after the sale, next to providing amazing customer service. After all, we’ve put the work in on developing a great product or service and delivered it straight into the eager waiting hands of the client, right?

Throughout my entrepreneurial journey, I’ve found most of the invoicing solutions out there end up being quite costly (money, time, or both) when breaking down the true costs of what I’m paying for.

Business invoice

I started using Invoice Home a few months ago, and I’ve never been happier with my ability to create and send invoices to clients in just a few minutes, from wherever I might be hanging my entrepreneurial hat on in a given day. With access to quick and easy templates for everything from graphic design invoices to things like landscaping, it really makes getting paid a breeze.

Believe me, I’ve tried several online invoice generators. Invoice Home is dead on for speed, quality, and overall ease-of-use. There may be some I haven’t tried that are just as good, but I doubt any at this price point that can claim to be better.

Why most invoicing solutions aren’t ideal for modern small business owners…

Most web-based invoicing solutions geared to small and medium size business owners just don’t cut it for budget-minded online entrepreneurs. If you’re not sending thousands of invoices a month, why would anyone spend hundreds a year, or more on a software that essentially handles just one area of their business?

Invoice Home makes it fast and easy:

  • Interface is fast and super easy to use for creating invoices.
  • Upload your own branding logo.
  • No distracting Invoice Home branding is included on any of your customer invoices.
  • Send up to $1000-worth of invoices a month for free ($5/month for unlimited use).
  • 100’s of customizable templates to choose from.
  • Include multiple item descriptions on each invoice.
  • Offer clients easy online payment solutions through PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize(dot)net.
  • Options for 150 different currency symbols to be used on any invoice.
  • Automatic variable tax calculator.
  • Download invoices as PDF, print direct, or send to clients via email.
  • Finished invoices can be saved in the cloud and used later to save even more time.

Fast and easy doesn’t have to kill your budget

Paid solutions, like the many accounting software solutions out there that offer invoicing templates and payment options, force users to pay for a bunch of features SMEs and location-independent entrepreneurs like you and I don’t really need.

Many of these features aren’t worth the sticker price to SME’s who just need an easy way to create professional invoices. Some of these unnecessary features include: the ability to include payment gateways most of us (and our customers) have never heard of, integration with accounting software, variable tax calculators, automatic payment reminders, and more.

The majority of free invoicing apps are clunky and force you to help them market their brand by making you include their logo and company name/link on the invoices you send to your customers. Not to mention, these providers often only give you few basic templates, with very few usability options, then expect you to upgrade in order to unlock needed features like tax calculators, global currency symbols, and the ability to save your invoices in the cloud for future use.

Either way, when it comes to invoicing or any other type of software for that matter, you get what you pay for. Sometimes it’s more than you need, other times far less. Then there’s the industry standard of forcing binding monthly contracts on you that can be hard to cancel if/when you decide to go elsewhere or don’t need to use the app anymore.

Invoice Home ticks all the boxes for small business owners

Invoice example

The great thing about Invoice Home is there are no contracts, even if you need to use their monthly paid plan. You can cancel and move on at any time, or choose to skip a month when you just have a few invoices to send out.

When you don’t have a full-time accounting department or bookkeeper on the payroll, it’s important to have an on-demand invoicing solution that allows you to create fast and easy invoices on-the-fly, without paying a monthly fortune for this an essential task that doesn’t need to be complicated to be effective.

Advanced options still free with Invoice Home

The only thing you ever have to pay for as a user of Invoice Home’s customizable invoicing interface is if you need to regularly send more than $1000-worth of invoices a month to your clients.

Advanced features like adding invoice and P.O. numbers, saving invoices for future use, online payment processing gateways, detailed cost breakdowns, company logos, and automatic sales tax calculators, are always free with Invoice Home.

Best, there are several invoice types to choose from using Invoice Home including (see them all here):

  • Tax invoices
  • Proforma invoices
  • Sales receipts
  • Price quotes
  • Credit memos & notes
  • Purchase orders

I’ve seen new features and functionality added to Invoice Home in the few short months I’ve used them. So, it’s fair to assume that if there’s something missing that you’d like to see, that feature is on the way soon.

Free and prompt customer service just makes the invoice creation process even easier. Shortly after I started using them, I decided I wanted to use a different template on a saved invoice I’d previously sent a client (but with the same details): I couldn’t figure this step out and promptly emailed customer service for help. My question was answered within the hour, and now the very question I asked is included in their FAQ section!

Invoice Home is the fastest and easiest interface I’ve used so far for client invoicing

InvoiceHome screenshot

I can’t recommend this app enough to small and medium size business owners looking for a cloud-based customer invoicing solution they can use anywhere there’s an Internet connection.

I hope I’ve convinced you to give this invoicing app a try. There’s no need to look any further if you’re looking for a seamless experience, loaded with all the options location-independent entrepreneurs are looking for, without the drawbacks you’ll deal with when using other online invoice generators.

Sign up is super easy and non-intrusive. Use an existing email address to become a member, or sign in using a supported social account.


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