9 Personalized Gift Ideas to Give Clients in 2017

Most of us have received a gift from our professional connections at some point in our careers.

When I look back, the very best gifts I’ve been given over the years have been those that come from the heart – when a customer or other contact has given me something that makes it obvious they took just a little extra time to make it special.

Wolf coffee mug

Heartfelt gifts such as a card with a special message, or a coffee mug or pen with my name, or favorite saying of written on them are always a treat when compared to generic gifts that just anyone can buy without putting much thought into them.

Here are 9 personalized gift suggestions you can use to really wow your clients in 2017:

1. Appreciation Card

You might be thinking what a silly and rather obvious suggestion this is. After all, who hasn’t thought about sending a well-meaning thank you, Christmas, or birthday card to a client to show appreciation for all the business they’ve given you throughout the year or years?

Since we’re talking about personalized gift ideas, why not opt for a customized card made just for them, with your own special words of thanks, and perhaps a gift card inside to one of their favorite retailers (hint: a Starbucks gift certificate is almost always a hit!)

2. Coffee Mugs

Personalized mug

Coffee mugs are ‘traditional’ gifts. Spice those up into personalized mugs to give more impact on your client. You can put names, initials, or your favorite short quote on the mug of your choice. Who doesn’t fancy a one-of-a-kind gift?

To get started, it helps to have some inside information on the client before personalizing a coffee mug for their morning or afternoon java-chugging experience. If their favorite mug is a big 12-ounce monstrosity, it won’t do much good to give them a tiny espresso or robusta mug, right? They’ll likely never use it.

Once you’ve decided on the right size and design, find a unique mug that you feel suits their tastes and have it adorned with their name or a favorite quote or catch-phrase.

3. Socks/Tees

Personalized socks and/or t-shirts are a great gift to give on any occasion, to anyone. Particularly a special client who’s been extra generous to you throughout the years. The comfier the sock or shirt, the bigger the smile will be on your client’s face the first time they wear them.

There are dozens of great places to get cozy, personalized clothing items including popular retailers like Amazon, along with a number of other online and offline storefronts who specialize in printing whatever your heart desires on your favorite clothing.

4. Pens & Stationary

LinkedIn pen

photo credit: TheSeafarer / Flickr

This type of gift is often done to death as a way to help enhance a brand by putting your business name on a bunch of pens, stationary, and the like and give them to whomever you cross paths with. Why not give clients something they’ll treasure for the year or years to come by sending them personalized pens, pencils, and office stationary with their name on it?

Online services are making this gift idea as easy as possible to deploy, but you’ll also find plenty of local businesses and retail office chains in your area offering this type of customization too.

5. Food/Drink Baskets

Ditch the flower arrangements in favor of something your clients will actually use and get some fun or enjoyment out of. The possibilities are endless here and there are hundreds of online and offline services that offer customized gift baskets of all kinds.

Get them a sampler basket of all their favorite alcoholic beverages, cheeses, meats, sugary treats, etc. Basket of the month type gift baskets are cool too, but far less personalized than something that you know is a personal favorite for the client, their staff, and/or their families.

6. Books (or Ebooks)

Happy by Alex Lemon

This is a great idea no matter how well you know your client. Buy them a copy of a book that’s most influenced you and include a card relating why you think it will be their favorite soon after reading it. Find out, if you can, who their favorite author is, and then buy them a signed hardcover copy for their collection.

7. Keychain

A personalized keychain is a gift that almost anyone will appreciate. There’s no need to go out and re-mortgage your house or office in order to afford a special customized keychain either.

Custom design marketplaces like Zazzle or Etsy make it really easy to create a special design with your client’s personal or business name on them. A nice stainless or leather design will always be a hit, whereas acrylic varieties can be bought and customized for pennies on the dollar.

8. Wallet/Clutch

Leather wallet

There are few things I love more than a really snappy wallet or money clip with my name on it. Tastes will vary, so you’ll want to try to get some inside information into your client’s preferences (ie., if high end leather is their thing, don’t get them cheap polyester and Velcro, please!)

Another great idea is if you can find out their favorite quote, or a special mantra the client lives their life by and personalize your gift that way.

9. Customized Service Package

If you’re not directly rooted in the service industry, fear not. A service package customized specifically to your favorite client’s needs can come in the form of free services from you or another business, or by hiring the services of a virtual assistant for the client’s exclusive use.

Just make sure to limit the custom services offered to an hour or two, or, like most clients, they’re likely to take advantage of your generous gift!

Share your Personalized Gift Ideas!

I hope I’ve given you some helpful personalized gift ideas to try on your clients in the coming years. Personalized gifts are a great way to show you really care and appreciate, usually without breaking the budget in the process.

If you have any cool ideas of your own, please do share so that everyone can share in your creativity.


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