8 Best Ways to Get Fund for Your Startup Easily

Funding for the startup is one of the most difficult areas for a newbie entrepreneur and going to start a new startup and as well wanting to seek out some cash for initiate the idea. Then don’t worry more; there are lots of ways where you can find funds if you have a brilliant and excitable idea and a good team.

Startup funding

Indeed, finding funds for startup is one of the toughest parts always and nowadays it become more competitive as well.

But if we talk positively, then we see there are two ulterior terms that lay behind every successful fundraising, which are,

A. Valuation & aspiration of the idea

If your idea haslots of potential to make your shareholders millionaires and beat the industry’s hulks then you can surely raise fund to start that. Actually, the investors always want to invest their money in hens who will lay golden eggs in near future.

And also, you must have an ultimate startup pitch deck of your business idea that will help you to raise fund easily.

And the next,

B. the faces behind the startup

Investors always look for prudent entrepreneurs who have great potential to make theirstartup successful. Thus, the characteristics of entrepreneur play a vital in their startrup journey.

Let come the topic, “best ways to get fund for your startup”

When the entrepreneurs want to start a business, they should become more frugal and start to save money because at that time they own are their first investor always

But in the case, you don’t have more pennies then you can pitch your idea to some of your credible friend or relatives. They can invest in your idea in the eager of good returns. And if you want you can offer them place of co-founder then they can help you financially and practically.

These were pre-funding stage when you found co-founders and funds to make your idea’s portfolio. But the game starts now, when you need certain good money to bootstrap your startup.

There’re several sources to get funding although we’re going to briefly consider certain best ways that can be follow easily.

So first is,

1. Go to Crowdsourcing your idea

Place a crowdsourcing campaign is an innovative way to fund your business in initial stage. Indeed crowd funding is a centralized way for startups to reach out to the large audience in their niche to make their prototypes or ideas a reality.

There are lots of sites those provide these type of services. Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and Gofundme are some of the best place.

In this funding procedure, you have to register with these sites and put the description of your business idea that contain your financial strategy, your target audience and the need of funding etc. If the crowd-funders like your idea then they will contact you. Here they want either your stocks of company or reward for donation.

Keep in mind, nowadays lots of startups or organization need funding as well so this is a bit competitive but if you’ve rock-solid business plan that can get attention easily then this is good enough for you.

The biggest pro of crowd funding is that you don’t only create a community near your product, but also acquire your first users to test, utilize, and help innovate what you are working toward.

For more, you should read “top 10 crowd funding sites of world”.

2. Get online lending or Peer to Peer lending

Online lending is another convenient way to gain fund for your startup. Even nowadays lots of startups initiate by this funding idea.

Everything is simple in the way as well. Investors find founders at online lending sites and then the founders pitch their idea to them. And if the investors understand the idea’s aspiration then he finances the money in lieu of interest.

Some of websites like OnDesk, Kabbage, and Lendbox provide this service to newbie entrepreneurs.

Basically it’s also known as a type of loan and called p2p lending.

3. Find startup accelerators

Accelerators are a type of organization that has a fixed tenure and curriculum. These organizations organize a program for entrepreneurs, in which they provide seed funds and advisory support to startups.

There are some international accelerators like Y combinators, 500 Startups, Angelpad, etc. They organize lots of fundraising programs and call entrepreneurs to pitch their business plan. And if they get attention on someone’s idea then they fund them.

Accelerators invest money in lieu of the stocks of the company as well.

You can read more about them:“Forbes list of best accelerators of 2016

4. Find Incubators

Incubators are also an organization but they don’t fund your business directly. They will provide you free resources to startup, including office spaces, internet connectivity, a team for work and other different and necessary support that extinguish your requirement.

These organizations want the stock percentage of your company in lieu of their services.

5. Go for Angel Investors

Most metropolitan areas have groups of certain individual millionaire who eager about invest in startups and willing to syndicate amounts up for deserving startups.

Mostly they guys invest a big amount in the lieu of the stock of company. But this is not easy to raise funding from angels because they are not ordinary guys they are also skilled entrepreneurs and business people so be prudent enough to convince them.

To convince them, you must have a rock-solid business plan that has lots of possibilities in near future.

6. Small business grants

In fact, the grants are government’s fund that allocated to support new technologies, entrepreneurship and other social needs. And if you’re US based newbie then grants.gov is the place where you can get fund for your startup.

In this case the procedure of funding is same as other ways. And there on you have to pitch first and convince them for funding as well.

7. Seek a loan or credit through business credit card

Seeking bank’s loan is the oldest way to get fund for startup. That is not bad when you can’t get appropriate money from other resources.

The only con of this way is too high interest that banks charge to you in lieu of money.

And funding through business credit card is one of the most readily available ways for finance a startup. But basically, this wouldn’t happen for a new business unless you have a good credit.

8. Thiel fellowship

Peter Thiel is the founder and organizer of the Thiel fellowship. Indeed, Thiel fellowship is a program for newbie entrepreneurs who are college dropout and have most igniting and innovative idea and are below the age of 23 as well.

Selected entrepreneurs are granted with USD 1 million for start their startup. For more information about Thiel fellowship you should visit their official site thielfellowship.org

Final words

After thoroughly considering all 8sources above, that is clear the ways are extremely best to follow and lots of startups had funded by these ways as well.

But obviously there are lots of another ways to get funds for starting your business if you have a lot of urge for this. That’s why I encourage you to think seriously about certain ways that can fund you.

And of course, every alternative way has its own pros and cons thus find the way that is suitable for you.


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