How To Deal With A Debt Collection Agency?

In recent times, ignoring creditors’ phone calls and failing their continuous attempts of setting the debts has become a massive issue. Though a majority of individuals do not ignore creditors intentionally but yet it seems like you are making a big mistake by avoiding them.

Debt collector

If you’ve been recently contacted by a debt collection agency for the first time, you may worry that this can happen again anytime in upcoming days. After all, those big long pending bills and lack of the time to pay it, is such a combination that one can never take lightly once the matter goes to a collection agency. But, you need not panic as you have your own set of rights and obligations to tackle this situation.

In this article, we will inform you how to confront the debt collectors so you can learn about their perspectives of debt collection process.

Understand what they do

A debt collector always writes letters and make phone calls to contact the delinquent borrower and doing this, the collector wants to remind you that you have some unpaid bills and you have to repay what you owe. There may be circumstances that you are not reachable to them through calls or letters so the collection agency uses other methods to make contact with you.

They may use various computer software to track your personal data and still if they are unable to contact you, they go for your alternative contacts or family members ‘ contacts. They also keep an eye on your assets, debt record and your ability to repay the amount.

Get all the information into writing

If you have been contacted by debt collectors always remember to get all the information in official writing before engaging in any further processes related to the amount you have to pay. A written notice will have details such as name of the creditor, the exact amount you owe, the timeline to pay the amount, your rights if you believe you do not owe the mentioned amount. After getting all the mandatory information, opt for the further dealings.

Keep a record of all messages, emails and phone calls

Sometimes it happens that collectors cross some of their limits. They may use inappropriate language or harass you by repeatedly calling you even before/after the time you have given to them or they will threaten you to take legal actions against you. But keep in mind that this all is done just to make you feel weak and frustrated.

A debt collector is never a law enforcement official so be calm in handling the situation and go with your rights, as collectors’ are never allowed to do all this. So, always keep the track record of conversations you have with a debt collector to ensure concerned officials you have been misbehaved. Also, if you are talking to a debt collector on phone, try keeping the conversation as short as you can. Do not reveal everything they want you to reveal.


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