Green Home Initiatives and Cutting Expenses: What to Know

One of the most popular recent trends in housing and real estate has been rise of energy-efficient homes. Home builders and buyers alike have started to consider implementing these “green initiatives” due to the environmental and financial benefits they hold.

Rooftop solar panel

Energy-efficient changes in the home have not only decreased the carbon footprint of the homes themselves, but also proven to save households a great deal of money on their monthly bills over the long run. As the popularity steadily increases, homeowners would be prudent to look into the ways these green homes save them money, and apply the most effective and efficient ideas for themselves.

Here are some things to consider about energy-efficient homes:

Green Homes Cut Costs on Energy, Gas, and Electric Bills Each Month

One great thing about making green changes to the home is that, unlike remodeling or renovations, the financial benefits show themselves immediately. Whether it’s gas, electrical, or energy, you’ll see a decrease in monthly utility bills after taking steps toward a greener home.

Homes that are running at optimum efficiency levels see massive savings right from the get go, with some green designs using anywhere from 30 to 60 percent less energy than traditional homes. Although costly at the onset, these initiatives can end up saving you thousands over the course of a few years, ultimately paying for themselves and then some.

Energy Efficiency Reduces Homeowners Insurance Rates

Perhaps one of the lesser known benefits of a green home is that it can impact how much you pay for homeowners insurance. Upgrading to energy-saving light bulbs, installing an eco-friendly water heater, and other green initiatives might surprise you by affecting the bottom line when you search homeowners insurance quotes online. These upgrades may also qualify you for state and federal rebates.

Make the Changes that Matter Most

Not all green initiatives are created equal. Depending on where you live, the weather in your city, or any local and county ordinances, some energy efficient upgrades may not be so beneficial. For example, if you live in an area without much sunlight, solar panels may take a while to pay off due to the lack of direct exposure to the Sun.

It’s crucial for anyone considering green initiatives to thoroughly research the most efficient and effective changes for their area in order to reap the most benefit from eco-friendly solutions. You’d be surprised at how many different options you have available that will work optimally in your specific city.

Green Initiatives Have Significant Long-Term Benefits

Aside from the amount of money you save on monthly utilities bills, energy efficient changes ultimately show their true value on the long run. Not only does the money you save from monthly expenses add up over the course of seven or eight years, but when it comes time to sell, buyers are often more attracted to eco-friendly homes.

Recent studies have shown that lowering the carbon footprint of your home, installing energy-efficient appliances, and other green initiatives will also lead to a higher valuation of your home upon deciding to sell.

With so much talk surrounding the importance of green home building, the dozens of different initiatives that can be taken, and the affordability (or lack thereof) of these changes, it is necessary for homeowners to understand how exactly eco-friendly solutions benefit them. Adding the right energy efficient features to your home can greatly reduce the amount spent on utilities bills each month, while simultaneously increasing the value of your home in the long run. Doing your research on the specific initiatives that are available in your area can ensure you make the right decision when greening your home.


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