How to Truly Take Your Business Payments On the Go

One of the most liberating parts of being your own boss is having the ability to call all the shots. At the same time, as a business owner you are going to end up working longer hours, with fewer breaks, and have far less vacation time available when compared to your subordinates. This is why it is vital that all business owners have the ability to literally take their businesses with them while they take a day off, go on the road, or just go out to run a few errands.

Work on the go

When it comes to taking payments on the go, portability is paramount. For instance, with credit card reader for iPhone capability, you don’t have to direct customers to your website or call in to your merchant to make a transaction. Just have customers present their credit cards and sign off on the charges, and you can have the transaction processed in just a few seconds.

No Cash No Problem

It is not hard to run across someone who doesn’t have any cash in his or her wallet, but it is seldom that you will find a person who doesn’t have their identification and a few credit cards on hand at minimum. A lot of small businesses have trouble at the beginning of their journeys because they don’t offer multiple ways for customers to make purchases. You yourself as a business owner might not want to go through the hassle of accepting personal checks or taking anything bigger than a $50 bill. What your business can’t afford to turn down is the power of the credit card. This is a fact that even girl scouts have caught onto.

The Tech Savvy Way to Fight Chargebacks

After you have decided on your credit card processing merchant, you will soon be faced with the reality of the world of chargebacks. Some disputes are better left unchallenged, but many small businesses report that they are hit with chargebacks that are completely unmerited.

Mobile credit card payments taken with an iPhone reader can easily be verified with your smartphone. Ask each customer to present their credit cards and identification at the same time, snap a picture of what has been presented and keep that information on file until the charges have been approved.

Better Than Business Cards

As you get out and network, you will be asked the same questions about your company again and again. The people you meet will want to know how long you have been in business, where your company is headquartered, and ultimately, how well you are doing. You can continually hand out business cards, or you can use your smartphone to give interested parties a virtual tour of your business. During your spiel, be sure to mention that you are setup to take mobile credit card payments too.


Small businesses thrive when their owners are willing to put effort into them day and night, no matter where they go. You want people to associate your company name with you personally, so what better way to take your business on the go than with the ability to accept mobile payments. Each transaction that your business makes, large or small, adds up to success in the end.


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